Bowsight wearing glasses. Help


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I have progressive glasses and had a verifier. But i still get blurry site pins and target. Any recommendations on a bow sight i should try that is better for shooting bow while wearing glasses. Thanks
I can't focus close enough to have enough definition to use the string peep, same on rifles. I put a holographic site on my bow, pretty inexpensive, mount is available on Amazon and I'm using a $50. Holo sight it has been on a few years now. It has a cross hair and circle reticle the top of the cross hair for 20 yards, the center for 30 and the bottom for 40.

I'll post a.pic if you want.
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A string peep is a fuzzy blob for me with no definition as to where the center is and I've gone to a holographic/reflex sight.

Bow mount for scope/red dot/holographic from Amazon


The Holographic/reflex sight I use has four reticles one of which is crosshairs with a circle the top of the post on the crosshair I set up for 20 yard, the center of the circle 30 yards and the bottom of the crosshair for 40 yards.


If you go this route be sure the holosight has all the adjustment on the left side or top as the right side of the sight is not accessible because of the riser.

Here's a link to the sight I'm using, I've tried a couple of others and because of the coatings the image is darker, fine for daylight but dim in the early morning.
One thing nice about Amazon if it is a prime item you can send it back for a full refund if it doesn't work for you, nice way to experiment with things.