bringin' in the new year


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At 12:10am Jan.1-2013 Michelle killed what is very likely the very first hog in the state of Texas for 2013. It was a big sow she shot at less than 20 yards!

At 2:50 am Talon killed his first hog for the new year. we walked a across a plowed field after the recent rain our feet weighed bout 50 pounds each{felt like it anyway}! The hog either heard us or spotted us{we were lit up due to a huge oil well close by}. He turned to run and Talon dropped him with one shot from the AR.
That is a big sow. I gave some of the pan sausage I made Friday evening to some friends and family and they were sure bragging on it.

Those should bone out to a decent amount of meat.
Sounds like a great start for a full year. Big "Congrats" to the family. Send some of that moisture up here.