Budget Bushcraft Pack Skinners RETURN!


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Lots of you guys know I homeschool (5 boys!) Part of our curriculum is doing REAL stuff in the REAL world... This is one of the latest...

My 15yo son, Alex, is bringing the Budget Bushcraft Pack Skinner back to the RainShadow Shop!

Had a TON of people love these little knives! Made with sawmill bandsaw blade steel and micarta grips, sheathed in kydex thermoplastic. Shaving sharp, amazing edge retention and toughness, handy and cheap!

This one is SOLD... He's planning to make more as he has time, so they can be ordered.

Alex is meticulous and detail oriented, he's learned under supervision (and the heat treating will remain under supervision, these are wicked cutters, and they will always be.) His work is as good as mine on these!

This one is now representative, the style and size is almost always the same. 7 1/2 OAL, give or take.

Let me know if you want to order one. The time frame will vary, but no payments will be accepted until you approve the finished work!

(Edit...) $50 delivered

budget1b by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

budget1a by Steve Tormala, on Flickr
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Those look really nice. Looks like you’ve taught him well. I wouldn’t mind to get on the wait list. I’ll send you a PM!
Originally Posted By: Possumal57Steve, that is great that you are passing skilled work along to your sons. We need more of that kind of thing these days.

Thanks Al... I don't see it as optional. It's very rewarding when they take to it!
Here's a couple more that have been approved and paid for...

I inspect everything and I oversee the heat treating and the sharpening... they are shavers!

budget1g by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

budget1f by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

Will get to the next guys on the list in awhile, thanks so much for supporting Alex in this, and we will get back to everyone... it just might take awhile. Again, no payment up front, and no obligation when we get to you.
You're on the list, digger. I'll contact you when he has one built for you. We'll talk details and $ then. It'll be awhile, he's only here 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and the list is getting long.
Will post a few here now, need to post the rest of this round tomorrow...

These are all approved and claimed by their buyers...

budget2a by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

budget2b by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

budget2c by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

Ended up getting 8 out of him this time here, not bad considering the playing music at church, and snowboarding, and a frenzy workout with the Selah football team, and all the other stuff we cram into life! Proud of this kid, I'll tell you what!

Will post the rest of this batch tomorrow...
Here's 3 more buyer approved...

budget4i by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

budget4h by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

budget4g by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

Alex comes back home for two weeks tomorrow, he'll get one or two more batches built... I hope.

Running low on phenolic micarta, but we'll look for more, and switch to hardwoods in the meantime. (Different set of skills, mounting wood scales!)

Again, all knives will be buyer approved before arranging payments, so if you wanted one thing and we show you another, then it isn't a problem. No obligations, we'll make more! This is school!

Thanks Again, to all of you who are supporting Alex in this. He's taking to it, and it's sinking in as a trade skill. Who knows what he'll end up doing, he's a football freak, and a very accomplished musician (fiddle, texas guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, etc), and he really likes the idea of wildlife biology... But through you guys, he's also seeing the reality of bringing income through sweat and skilled hands. I genuinely appreciate it, guys. Thank You!