Budget Bushcraft Pack Skinners RETURN!

batch5 by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

This was Alex's first batch with wood. He did great, didn't crack any of them out. Had really good lines and bonds and pin work... Proud Dad moment here, this is kind of a graduation! Hardwoods are tough, but not like Micarta, and he handled them like a pro!

"Wenge" hardwood makes for a really cool look on these budget blades!

I'll be presenting this pic with numbers on the sides to the guys who are next on the list, with the exception of the pen guys, because I don't want the pens waiting around, risking damage or loss... (there are kids in the house!)

My other son, David (just turned 14yo) is making the pens and letter openers. $20 each. These pictured are ordered and pre-sold, but let me know if you want him to make a pen or two for you!

Thanks guys, sit tight, I'll get to ya!
Didn’t get any completely DONE this time at Home, but he did get a BUNCH started, almost got ten done, and he’s setting up a shop at his mom’s where he can continue working... it won’t be long now!

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This batch took awhile, but I'm really happy about it, because Alex did work at both shops on these! These were worked on in both sides of the State! My house and his Mom's house. (We're setting himself and his brother up to do knives and pens/letter openers/tops etc. over there too.) So, hopefully no more down time!

I'll be contacting the next ten knife orders to see if they want to choose from this pic... This batch is also Wenge.

You'll be contacted in order.

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Next batch will be a mix of micarta, Maple, and I'm not sure what all else.

I’d like to pick up 2 of these ASAP for my wife and daughter for their upcoming first deer hunts! Please let me know if any available! Thanks.
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RainShadow3 (My 14yo son, David - RainShadow2's subcontractor) got a set or three of letter openers and pens out to present to previous inquirers.

If any of you want one, or a matched set, or ???... David is looking for customers!

Send me a message if you're interested!

The boys finished up another batch before Christmas, but I haven't been able to get them inspected and ready for you guys until now...

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I will be contacting the next guys on the list.

Let me know if you'd like to be on the list! $50 delivers
A small batch of 4 for now...

Another batch coming soon...

(He's playing football and has a girlfriend now, so......)

4 by Steve Tormala, on Flickr

I will contact the next 4 knives worth of guys, then, like I said, another batch soon...

Thanks for being patient!