Budget Bushcraft Pack Skinners RETURN!

I received mine in the mail today. Feels real nice in the hand, looks pretty slick, and sharp as heck. I’m going to try and find a way to secure it to my bino pouch to have it at hand in the field. Thanks for a quality product.
My son, David, is taking over the Basic Budget Bushcraft Blades from his brother, Alex!

Alex is moving on to a full-time apprenticeship welding job, and David will be building budget blades from now on.

He’s redesigning the blade to make it his own.

Here’s the first evolution of the redesign. They probably won’t look exactly like this, but some elemental changes will probably make their way into his personalized design.


If it’s gone when you see this, or if you prefer one from the Alex series, go check out the online store on my website; rain-shadow.com. There are a few from the Alex series left there. Same price!

Thanks for supporting Alex as he produced the Budget Blades! He’s developed lots of confidence in the shop throughout that experience, and the résumé entry from it has helped him land a good full-time job in the metal working industry!
You made a REAL difference in a young guy’s career path!




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Fun to resurrect this old thread...My son, David, is occasionally making these basic budget bushcraft skinners.

Too busy (with Track, church and fiddling Music, Steelhead, wetsuit surfing, winter Yakima Canyon trout, visiting his mom to go get his braces adjusted, Homeschooling out his senior year, and trying to get a job at Red’s Fly Shop) to take pre-orders, but I’ll do my best to have him keep turning a few out here and there.

These are 15n20 sawmill bandsaw steel, hand heat treated, 3x tempered, sheathed with kydex in a pack sheath that can be lashed to things. Sheath pinned with .22 casings.

These particular two are gripped with micarta, and personally inspected by me.

$50 each, includes postage. (40 goes to David.)

These are excellent knives.

Thanks for supporting my boys in their knifeshop apprenticeship!

(Alex, the previous budget knife builder, decided to get off the college biology track, and got a real job as a welder/fabricator and has since earned a couple welding certifications. When he applied for that job, his future boss looked at his resume and said, “You’re the knife guy, right?” YOU guys did that! Thanks!)