California suspect with 3 prior murder arrests, paroled in 2020 again charged with murder


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3 prior murder arrests and let out of prison so he could murder another.

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California suspect with 3 prior murder arrests, paroled in 2020 again charged with murder

By Greg Norman

A man who has been arrested three times for murder and was released on parole in 2020 is now accused of killing a fourth individual in California, a report says.

Bobby Dozier, 37, is once again in police custody following the killing of Emari Cook on July 14 in Richmond, just north of Oakland, according to KTVU.

Police told the station that Dozier allegedly drove up to Cook, exited his vehicle and shot him.

Investigators added that rifle casings were found at the scene and the car used in the attack was tracked down to Dozier with the help of a highway license plate reader system.

Dozier, who is the registered owner of that vehicle, was arrested Wednesday by a SWAT team in Martinez, KTVU reported.

During the arrest, investigators say they found a short-barreled AR-15 pistol that matched the weapon allegedly used to kill Cook, the station added.

Dozier has been charged with one count of murder and firearms violations, KTVU reports.

The station also said he has had three prior arrests for murder and was convicted in 2010 of manslaughter before being released two years ago on parole.

Article: FOX NEWS

How can you blame this poor misguided soul when we all know it was because of that horrible AR15
....and a pistol at that!
Those liberal CA DA's are just guarding the rights of the downtrodden, ya know.
Just released on the AM news, a violent male, known to LEOs & the woman, broke into the home of a lady and her small children last night. The lady had retrieved her firearm (not specified, but probably not an evil AR
), called 911 and warned the intruder to leave or she would shoot. He didn't, she did (through the bedroom door), hitting the perp in the arm. County sheriff, interviewed live on TV, said the woman was golden and the perp is in jail and further stated that no one in his county would encounter any problems in his county under similar conditions.