Call Giveaway Part Deux: RULE CHANGE UPDATED!!!

I like the bunny bomb, this year I called and shot several with the Primos squeezed squeaker. Just didn't bother with pics. It seems more and more a noisy call is NOT an attraction.
spotstalkshoot I agree with you. The last year or two I have not been doing a lot of daytime calling but have been doing a bunch at night. For sure I have been seeing the hand calls being very productive. Normally I never even get to my louder mouth calls because I get a response to my softer quieter ones before I ever work up the scale to loud.

I have not kept track but I would bet that just a squeaker or soft/medium cottontail has accounted for 50% of what I have called in. Out of the other 50% the vast majority of that have responded to a very sharp, high pitch pup distress done on a smaller open reed distress tone board. Something similar to a SS1, Bunny Bomb, or the small Carver distress. Killer sounds IMO.

So far I have 2 entries, Yotarunner and crittr gettr. Less than 48 hours left until the drawing! Anyone who wants to enter needs to get posted up. If you need help posting pics send me a PM and I will shoot you my email and help you get them posted!
OK, contest is over. I only had 2 entries, Yotarunner and crittr gettr. I put both of their names in a cup and had one of my guys out in the shop draw a name out. Yotarunner was the winner!

I have been in contact with him and he wants the little pecan call with 1/2" board so I will get it boxed up and headed his way.

Since I only had 2 entries and I really appreciate both of those guys taking the time to post up here in this thread I have decided I am going to send both of those calls out and not just one one of them like I posted in the rules. So I will be sending a PM to crittr gettr to get his address and I will send the Bois de Arc call out to him.

So two new open reed calls going to new homes!

Once again thanks to everyone for watching, commenting, and participating!
Thanks so much JTP! I feel a little bad being the winner with only 2 of us entered. I will be sure to pay it forward and will come up with a contest for one or more of my calls sometime in the future.
Nah, no need to feel bad at all! it was a straight up giveaway and whoever did or didn't enter was not under your control. Take it, be happy, go use it and kill some coyotes! I appreciate your and crittr gettr entering!
Got the call yesterday and the fit and finish on this call is amazing! True craftsmanship! Can't wait to get it out hunting!
Thank You very much for the complements Brad! Hopefully you can get out here soon and call some coyotes with it. Hope you enjoy it!