Calling Tactics and Sounds?

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AR Tom that's getting up close and personal. I called in a 8 and a 6 point the other day myself. Though they didn't get that close. When I saw them coming I turned the yellowhammer blues off and went into major skitish mode then. It was fun just watching them.

Man!!!! That's a lot of awesome information it took me two days on and off to get through it and I'll have to read it several more times to get most of it down just wanted to tell you ya'll done a great job on this thread!
I have never used that method but it may work. Just don't want to be carrying around a stinking rabbit. LOL!!!

I use the wind to my advantage as for them not to be able to backdoor me out west. Here in the south, I use my FoxPro and a decoy to bring the critters to where I want them. With these set 50 or 60 yards in front of me, anything that circles still comes out in front of me for a shot and does not get my scent. This system works really well for me.
I just want to thank you guys for the info on this thread! I have played around with calling over the years and have called in fox, coyote, and bobacat. Unfortunately the bobcat was called in at night and wasn't legal to shoot and none of the coyotes were shot either. Almost every stand produces various birds of prey and I have had my hat knocked off by owls! After reading this thread I have all ready identified at least 10 sites that meet the criteria outlined and I can't wait to try it out after deer season ends next week. I have one question for you guys. Last year I snuck into a ledge area that overlooked a huge swamp, I got on top of the ledge overlooking the swamp and the wind was from me into the swamp. I was a good 35-40ft above the swamp so I was not worried about scent. Everything seemed perfect there was a fresh snow and there was tracks leading into the swamp and my elevated perch allowed my good visibility into the thick cover. I started out light on the Crit'r call and made my usual sequence after about 30 minutes and no luck I got up to leave. As I was making my way down off the ledge I cut 4 sets of fresh tracks running away, about 25yds from where I was sitting.I back tracked the yotes to see what happened. Much to my surprise the four yotes were bedded in a small cave at the base of the ledge I was sitting on, because of an overhang I could not see directly below me. They must have come on a dead run at the first sound and seen my moving and high tailed it out of there. This leads me to my question will the coyotes use the same area to bed in and do you think it is worth trying this spot again? It has been well over a year since the incident.

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I usually wait at least 3 weeks before I go back to an area to call. I have lots of calling area so this is not a problem. Going back to that area after that much time should not be a problem. I am sure they have forgot about the association of you and the caller by now. Sounds like a great place.
hey guys
i'm new at this, i got a lohman call last year,the reed fell out. I am 17 and plan on hunting this christmas break. I am getting two calls and a video on predator hunting for christmas, i know cause i picked them out. Up here in WI we have mainly red fox, will the coyote tactics work on them too. I need to know what calling sequences to use and how often to call. Thanks /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
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We don't have mamy fox in my area but when hunting out west, they come to the call just as a yote or cat will. Don't know what calls you are getting but you might want to look at some Critr-Calls. They are very easy to blow and are top notch calls.
( they have lots of instruction tapes too. Good luck
thanks steve
I just want to know how many times at each stand you should call, and what sequences. Any help on the calling and sounds would be nice.
a question here for some of the more experienced coyote hunters:

This past deer season, here in Mo., I was sitting at the base of a tree, waiting for it to get light enough to hunt. It was a misty, kinda foggy morning. As it got light enough to see, here's a coyote coming my way, at about 30 or 35 yards!!

I slowly twisted around to shoot, but he heard me move and ran for about 10 yards. He stopped, and I pulled the trigger. He staggered, and ran back across the holler where he had come from, then stopped, at about 75 yards. Either he, or another coyote, barked about 4 times. It was so foggy that I couldn't see him clearly enough to try another shot.

Later, I looked to see if I had connected. I found two drops of blood, and a small cluster of hair. The ground and leaves were so wet that I couldn't find any more sign. I found why my shot hadn't put him down. I had drilled a 3" white oak sapling, dead-center, just in front of where he had been standing.

I said all that to ask this question: Will he avoid this area, after a bad experience??? Even though I was not calling, will he still be leery of this area, even if he hears sweet sounds coming from this vicinity??? It's been a month since this took place. It is in a good looking area, and I would like to try it again, just don't want to waste my time.

Very informative thread, for the new guys, and for some of us who have been at it a bit longer.

Thanks for any and all replies.
This kinda depends on the area you are hunting. There is no real set limit as to how many calls to make on a stand. Most only stay on stands callin yotes for 10-15 mins, then move. I generally stay longer, maybe 20 min. as we may have a bobcat show up. It is a good idea to get set up and wait for a few minutes to let everything settle and get quiet before starting your calls.

Calls can be anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds depending on how much air you have. Usually try to wait a few minutes between calls to watch for what maybe coming in. Really don't want to be callin if they are close so they can not pin-point where the sound is coming from. Remember the animals you are trying to sound like have very small lungs and don't go on forever. This pretty much sets my callin.

None of this is etched in stone and varies. My rule of thumb is, 'If they hear you, they will come no matter how good or bad of a caller you are."
That one is a hard question to answer. I would think that after a month the association of danger for that area would be forgotten. I usually don't try to call the same areas time after time. Have plenty to choose from around here. Wait at least 2 weeks or more before I go back to the same place again.

Depending on the size shot you were using and where you actually hit, I'd say that coyote might be dead by now. The chances of it's mate or another coyote coming to that same spot are pretty good, especially if it wasn't him barking. If it's been more than a couple of weeks I'd certainly try again. I've shot coyotes and gone back the same day and shot another so it's all about their patterns and territory. Good Luck! Nikonut /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
thanks steve
I can't wait to get some time to hunt, I need to put all this stuff i learned on this thread to work. Good luck hunting everyone, and Merry Christmas.
Just printed this thread, 89 pages(good thing I had extra ink cartridges) of great info. It's easier for me to read paper, I can't stand to look at a computer for that long. It's amazing to me how much of the thread I had read but then forgot, seems like all I need to know is in this topic. Keep up the great work.
GREAT Thread!!!!!!!!
What hand calls do you guys recomend For caling in the thick stuff? -- I am new and trying to learn every thing I can!
Kirkman, any of the calls you hear mentioned here on this board or over at the handcalls section are great for any type of cover or terrain. But for starters I would get a Johnny STewart pc3, burnham bros long range, or the Lohman dual tone. Any of those are easy to use and the pc3 is very versatile with a lot of practice, it can make several diferent sounds. Jimmie
Okay, I'm looking for ideas from some of the experienced hunters. Let's assume that the coyotes around here are call shy, which they probably are. I haven't been able to get any to howl at a siren, and am forced to set on tracks. would like to know call sequence, or anything else that may help me. I have a loudmouth and when I use it I play it for maybe 30 sec and shut it off for a few minutes, I go back and forth like that for about 15 min and then set in silence for 10 to 15 minutes before I leave. Help is appreciated.
SRS 1,
Take a look at the thread entitled "howling coyotes method". I just brought it back to the top for you. Some of the links may not work anymore, but I can E mail sounds to you if you need them. Good luck. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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