Calling Tactics and Sounds?

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I stick with my 12 gauge here in Eastern Tennessee. Every once in awhile I'll use my 7mm just so it doesn't feel left out. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
I will put my vote in for the .223 cal for a rifle here in the East. Im an Ar man but any .223 cal will work well in the East. I spend alot of time packen the 12 Gage here to. Just depends on the cover in the area im hunten.

i like the 223, triple duce, 204 ruger, and 243 all in bolt action and if i feel shots are going to be close i use a 32-20

i didn't see anything about people useing fox tails as decoys maybe i just missed it yet i find these to work nice as a fox will see it and come in quicker thinking it is safe and a coyote will come in to fight. it also makes it nice when useing a fox pup call
JDB, I prefer a .17 Rem or .221 fireball for populated areas to keep the noise down. .223 is an excellent all around cartridge and I think the AR system is probably the best all around rifle package for predator hunting there is.
I guess I should have been more clear when I asked this,I know what calibers it takes to kill coyotes .I want to know exactly what you hunt with and why you like it best.I hunt with two guns a old remington 700 bdl with a heavy barrel the trigger is set at 3 pounds its been free floated it has a beartooth camo kit and a soon to be replaced 4x12 bushnell it also has a bipod.oh yea its a 22-250 I ve been shooting 50 grain balistic silver tips but am thinking of switching to 40 grain hornandy . my other rifle is my favorite rifle but its really too lite so I have to be choosey bout my shoots its a ruger 77/22 mag its fitted with a 2.5x7 weaver and has a leather carrying strap it also has a 3 pound trigger I shoot winchester 34 grain supreme hollow points and it s a tack driver.I take this rifle everywhere I go its always in my truck so if the oppritunity arises to hunt I can hunt I have also thought of buying a .223 something short and lite that carries almost as nice as the .22 and shoots almost as hard as the 22-250.
My absolute favorite calling gun is my .12 gauge three inch magnum Benelli M1S90 camo turkey gun with sling, 24" barrel, fiber optic sight, and Kick's custom choke tube. With Federal Premium number Four Buckshot this is a bona fide fifty yard coyote killer. If the new Hevi-Shot loads prove to be what they're touted to be, that is, deadly to seventy-five yards-I may not use a rifle much more. I call heavy timber and brush and seldom shoot over that far.
coyote hunting

I am no expert what here what i do,

I going to let you in on what I know of coyote hunting
coyote, like hunting a trophy buck is all I can say.
I have hunted them all over. and they are different in every state.
Texas they are very plentiful so they come to the call . you can hunt there and at the end of the week think you are the best caller in the country.
till you get home and cant call in a thing.
coyote are in P.A you just got to hunt them harder.
set up, try to hunt them where you no they are and there hasn't been have hunting pressure .
try to fined good setups were the wind is right and the time is right.
under stand this they are the smartest animal in the wood if you ask me.
I try to look for scat (dropping) then in it there be bones and feathers and fur.
that will get you started on what they are hunting. if you find mouse bones try set ups in fields or spots were you think that you will fiend them
what I am saying is to hunt the things they are eating.
try to get as many set ups that you can hunt for a hour at each one and move on to the next if you don't call them in by then most likely they aren't coming. so move on to the next spot and try again.
most in potently keep the wind in your face and the sun at your back. elec. callers are great but a hand call is much more controllable .
I use mostly rabbit, and bird distress calls in later in the year when the doe's are dropping there young I use a fawn call.
remember that the animal you are imitating doze not have the lung capacity that you do so don’t call your head off try and realize what a rabbit with a coyote teeth in it would sound like.
start off loud as you think a rabbits lungs could be and get softer and softer the best thing you can do is get a tape of it and lysine and copy it the best you can and I also call for 30 to 40 second and stop for 30 to 40 seconds and remember that something has it or it is hurting.
sometimes they will run you over and some times they come in so slow if you are not careful you my never see them and when you do see them shoot don't give him to much time to think. a decoy is good to it may keep his attention off of you.
camo, try to conceal your self the best you can ,,face , hands, and the glare of your gun is important. and don’t over call a spot he my not come in today but may a another day try not to educate them.

and remember that is why we call it hunting not killing,, if you call in and harvest a p.a coyote you have a trophy off a live time
and don’t for get to have a good time and it will come together!!

i hope something in this helps and good hunting,, big
OK here we go coyote in the east are not like coyote in the west the one’s out west are under a lot of pressure from other coyote and they do not get hunted like are dogs the place I hunt in south Texas is 40,000 Acers and there are about 6 hunters on it and they only shoot coyote when the opportunity nocks so if them dogs here a distressed animal it usually is one so they come running but they are not easy but nothing like Ares.
In my opinion coyote’s are the smartest critter out there well them and crows here in the east you have coyote that gets spooked all the time and there are not so many so they don’t have to run right in they can be
Very careful of every step they make they really do not have the competition that they do out west.
And despite what you here deer are not a major food source for them they will take them but really not like you would think or heard about. They will eat mostly rodents like mouse moll small birds and the ecationle deer. they have to eat all the time to keep healthy you know if they eat so many deer .every time I see one he is on the move and hunting with his noise to the ground if the livening large on so many deer they would be laying in the sun chilling . But you will never see one that ant hunting. That my theory any way.
TRICKS! Here they are.
1, respect them if you do not have it from the start they will make you ern it!
2, he will make his way to you but they know that at some point they should see the animal making the distress sounds and a coyote will stop for a minute to look and get his last bearings on his target be for running in and. and that's when they will bust you! A decoy will help this problem.
Try and remember that the animal you are trying to imitate lungs is not the size of yours so keep that in mind when calling. Try and call like a rabbit or a bird that some thing got a hold of. They will not scream
All that loud, so start loud and get softer if the dog ant there in the first ten minuets most likely he ant coming so move just out of calling range and try agent.
Trick 2, if you think they are holding up witch they will do most of the time I will put a hunter or hunters out in front of me 60 or 80 in tree stands at 3 and 9 o'clock about 20 feet high or as high as they need to see
And when he holds up it over.
Wind very in port in but you know this.
camo good , but sit real still and you know this to.
Nighttime is the right times, get a hunting buddy and a pick up run the road and fields call move call move
Try a red lens they work the best for us. hunt right out of the truck if on property that you can do this.
1 hunter shoot the other work the light call and scan 360 degreases slowly there eyes will light rite up and if you see them don't put the light rite on them keep them just to the out side of the light and I don’t like to hold it on them to long go right bye to the shooter ready the put the light on him and dump him they will not stay around long so shoot, I have as much fun missing them some times as I do hitting them.
My experience is in the east you can call till your batters run out and not see any thing.
But a mouth call will work wonders. You will kill them with the elec. caller but most of my coyotes called to one will turn out to be young ones. Some times a squeaker is all you will need.
Be per pared to shoot long distances. I see them I shoot them!
First light and last light are great times to be calling, but you know this also.
Drive and cover as much land calling as possible.
I hunt them every chance i get some times 3 days a week and you know the more time you put in to it the better you get.
IF I can get a place on privet property like I have up state . this is how I bleed them.
This property has a nice size lake on it so I built a shack or blined in the woods with a heater so I can sit all day or night.
Then I go out on it when the ice comes and cut a hole in it 15 ‘’ in di. Then I put cow stumics in it and let it freeze and sit in my blind and wait a never set up closer the 150 to 200 yards from it I don’t call just wait
And the good thinges they cant get the bait out of the ice so they just work at it and get little peaces out and I will put a little Greece on the ice so they will leave and make a nice cent trail for all there friends and it get funny when they try to put it in high gear on the ice.

this photo is from out west ,
What are some thoughts on moon phases and major and minor feed times? I had discounted the feeding times for years until this past season. I mainly hunt at night and I've noticed that some nights were more productive than others. I have started to check the published times and focus more effort at the suggested feeding times. I found that my sightings went up when I paid more attention to these times. I'm still hard headed to the moon phases. I will hunt any phase, just to get out of the house.
I've read several articles from people who put lots of emphasis on hunting during the active times. I personally have just started to look into it.

What part of Virginia are you from? I'm in Roanoke.
I think moon phases, feeding times and all that is great information. Do I not go hunting because it's a poor moon phase? Heck no, I go hunting every chance I get. You can't kill em' from the couch.
Thanks for all the great info. Hopefully I will be able to add a little to it later this winter. This will be my first year hunting predators. I live in CT and will be hunting CT and RI. I can pretty much hunt all year. I don't own my own land so I'll be hunting on State land. Both states don't allow rifles so I'll be going with a shotgun.

I got the knight and hale calling pack last night. It consist of a sqeaker and a howler. Trying to get a good howl out is kinda funny. The sqeeker is a squeeze one. So, no problem there. I'll probably try to get some in real close for the camera too.

Anyway.....Just wanted to say thanks. I'm sure I'll have loads of questions once I get started.
Thanks guys - I'm new to all this and reading as much as I can. Just finished up this thread and man what alot of info. This needs to be edited (cut out all the btt's and thanks posts) and posted as a sticky in a "how to" or "classics" forum.

Again Thanks
Tell a man to look at this thread and not even move it up for him....what's happening to ya'lls manners. Am I gonna have to come up to the LBL and do my chicken call in my long johns again?
Hi guys. I read in one the threads where someone said half joking that the best stand was closest
to the truck. I was wondering about how far from the truck do you make a stand?
My work schedule allows for the first hour or two after daylight. In order to hit as
many spots as I can during prime time and still give 15 or 20 minutes to each stand I
make only one stand each time I stop the truck. I have been walking a couple of hundred
yards from the truck, go through a series of calls, if nothing happens(so far this has been
the case) back to the truck and down the road or trail to the next spot. Do I need to
get farther from the truck, say 1/4 of mile or should a couple hundred yards be ok?

Alot of it will depend on the area im hunting and if is a night or day hunt.

At night I just go far enough from the truck that I do not light up the truck on the stand. Also make sure im legal. We cant hunt from the truck so I make sure im far enough from the truck to be legal.

During the day it depends on the area. First if it is close to the truck I make sure that they can see my parked truck from were I think they are going to come from. As long as they cant see the truck it doesnt seem to bother them. I just dont park the truck to close to were I think they are holed up. They dont stick around lond if they see the truck. They get shot at from the road here.

Alot of my areas I hunt dont allow me to make stands close to the truck sometimes I leave the truck at daylight and dont get back till dark. I will map out my area to were I can call a circle and work my way back to the truck at the end of the day. Or around noon so If I need to change spots I can hunt the last half of the day somewere else. The main thing is you can kill them if your not out there geting after them. I make stands on my way to and from work myself, just depends on what shift im on. May just be one stand or two but if I got the time I get after them.

I dont think the truck bothers them to much as long as you dont park right on top of them and put them on edge.

I too wish we could edit for breavity and sticky this to the top. We've asked about it in the past and it's not possible at this time. I would really like ot see it in the archives. JIMMIE
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