Calling Tactics and Sounds?

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New coyote hunter but long time hunter.

Hunting mid to northern Michigan mid January

1 Are they in mating season?
2 Do you call differently if they are?
3 Do they go into stupid mode like deer?

I've read this thread and you guys are the greatest. I have never seen information given so freely. I think my head is going to bust. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
Just a quick question about howling. Can a howl be used as a locator call kind of like prospecting along for turkey hunting? I hunt turkeys pretty hard, and most people think I move too quick, but I have access to lots of state land with a good population of turkekys. I will walk along and yelp a time or two, if I don't get an answer, I keep moving until I find a gobbling turkey. Can a howl be somewhat in the same way? Say I'm looking for a place to set up, stop, howl, get an answer and go from there? Or should I go ahead and set up and go through a series of calls with the howl in there like a coyote that has just caught a rabbit?

Well it's great to see this in a "sticky" always at the top. Now, a proposal. To use this thread as a resource. Lock the thread and keep it as a sticky, edit through and cut out all the "BTTT" post and the unneeded BS stuff. Folks could then surf the thread, gather info from it, then if they have other questions, post those on the forum as a normal question. Otherwise, we'll have this thread being very repetitive with new posters asking the same questions over and over. If this thread is used as a locked down archive and resource thread, and a poster utilizes it as such and uses the SEARCH feature, then this thread won't be so tough to navigate through and it should save some bandwidth to boot. That could also stimulate conversation through other post on the main forum here, rather than this individual thread. That'd be my idea anyway.
The problem with your idea, is that coyotes will approach the sound of a strange coyote in their territory. They often do this silently. I don't like to howl until I am ready to shoot coyotes. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Your idea is a good one. I think that Jimmie from Kentucky suggested just about same thing awhile back. I am going to try to pin this topic to top of page as feature article. I will then lock the thread, and begin to cull the thread of posts that have no educational value. Thanks for you input.
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