camo paint masterpeices


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I have been looking all over the threads looking for pictures of paint jobs. I am trying to get a feel for what I want to do, so I thought that I make a place for pictures of everyones masterpieces...Bring on the pictures!
Ask and you shall receive



And I got bored one day

Shamless posted a thread a few years ago called "Camo 101" it is a very detailed how to camo your gun with a lot of picture's. I have done 3 rifles this way and have been very happy with them.
Was about to post this and then saw this thread. I just finished assembling my youngest boys x-mas present and thought I would show it off. I did a camo job on my AR last summer and the boys thought it was cool looking. So when my little guy said he wanted Santa to bring him a "HUNTER BIKE" with a light, I figured I would do the same technique I learned on here after reading some previous posts.


Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!
Mapes---That really makes that ugly Ruger stock look COOL. Thanks for posting. One shot, I am going to see if I can find that camo 101 thread. I would like get as many ideas as I can.
I don't even want to post the pic of my rifle after seeing some of these rigs and guns.

Tony, that jeep is TOO COOL.

Josh, WOOOOOOWWWWW, I wish I could have seen his face when he saw that thing. You are a cool dad to say the least.

Reb, sweet doesn't even do those justice.

Sendit, that is what it is all about, love that pic with the kid shooting your AR.

Mapes, nice looking guns, that bottom one looks like my CZ that I just painted.

Reed, you are a brave man. I don't think I would have the sac to paint my laptop.

7mm, neat looking rig, how long is that sunshade?

Here is a couple pics of mine:
My buddy Rob used it last weekend.


7mm, neat looking rig, how long is that sunshade?

Thanks gonzaga it's a tasco 10-40x50. It is a 2 piece sun shade it's a 5 inch and a 3 inch sunshade a little big but it looks cool.