Camo Rifle Sponge Tutorial

My stab at it. Remington 700P


hi all i am new here.i seen that a few are posting pics of their rifles that they painted so i figured i would post mine. let me know what yall think. its not finished yet.

Originally Posted By: t/c223encoreQuote:Someone please tell me what an artists sponge is and where to get them? Thanks

Go to the craft section of wal-mart and get a pack of natural sponges. They are cheaper in the craft section than the paint section.


Main thing is to make sure you get one with the large "bubbles" or holes in it.
Can someone help?
I had an old 870 wingmaster I am in the process of painting it 9-2009. It had rust and some pitting. I sanded most of the gun. In order for me to get the worst of it I had to hit it with some 220. I then did the process of sanding it as smooth as possible with lighter grit paper down to very fine scuff pad.
I put a coat of gray primer on, let that dry then finished the primer with its 2nd coat. Heres my question..

When the second coat dried it has somewhat of a rough texture in some spots, almost like I added grits of sand. So I then very very lightly hit the primer with a very fine scuff pad , they came out.
At 530 "today" I put my first coat of khaki tan on. Should if when dry it has small bumps should I scuff lightly again? Is this part of the job? Also after I have all my colors on and if again it is a little bumpy looking do I scuff lightly and then clear?
I "think" I am holding it far enough away and I dont think I am putting to much on ?
Help guys?
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Thwe sandy grain will stay somewhat, but after you put a clearcoat on, it won't feel gritty.

Don't scuff it before the clearcoat. It'll stick just fine.
It may smell like "paint" for a couple of days, but it goes away.

Sounds like you are doing it right.

Post pics when you are done.

Ill start taking pics now. The one thing with this gun is it has a camo remington stock and forearm that are like brand new. The stock has some weird shapes and colors. its kinda like all ran together. I decided not to paint it this time anyway. I am just painting the reciver, barrel and the pump peice.
I have painted things before just not a gun. Barry I am also using the H.S. Camo paint. I got a can of minwax clear polyurethane will that be fine?
I'll throw a few of mine in the pot. Rem700 in .17 Did about 4 months ago. This is the Third paint job that it has had. I get bored with them easy.
I might change them here in the next couple of weeks.

The paint job looks great!
Very interesting pattern.

One thing I noticed is that you took it apart when painting it. There's nothing wrong with that, but you need to be sure the paint is not going to affect the operation of you slide & the chambering of a shell from the chamber end of the barrel.

When I paint something I usually keep disassembly to a minimum to protect the internal moving parts.

Great looking camo though.

Thanks , I hope nothing goes wrong

I didnt want paint on the stock and forend b.c they wre already camo and brand new. I taped some of the parts as ya can see. If theres a problem I can try to take the paint off whatever is giving me the issue. I have not put er togeher yet. How many coats of clear do you usE?

I have painted stainless with good results.
Here's the first rifle I did over 2 years ago.


The barrel is a 24" stainless.

The only trouble I have had with it is that if you bang the barrel against something hard, it may chip off a very small bit of paint.

I fix that by spraying a small amount of the camo paint in a paper plate & dipping a Q-Tip in it, then just dobbing it on to cover up the chip.

It hasn't flaked off in big pieces, & has not affected accuracy. Even got the barrel pretty hot a couple of times.