Camo Rifle Sponge Tutorial

Originally Posted By: Zack BeamWhat kind of primer and sand paper did you use? Also do you sand the scope also? How many of you paint the bolt? Do you just paint It seperatly?

Zack, I'm not sure I'd sand anything with sandpaper.
I sure wouldn't paint the bolt because it'll not work right if paint gets in the wrong spot.
The thing about painting a rifle is that you can use paint remover and the rifle is back the way it was. Not so if you sand it. The paint will stick really well if you just clean it good and get all the grease & oil off.

Jeff, they sell the webbing paint at Lowes or Home Depot in most spots.

Thanks Barry.
I had a friend help me with a paint job on a new HS Remington 700 stock a few days ago. We did a Krylon Fusion base, and he had some black webbing paint in a small can that he found at a place called "Joanne's". I figured it was probably the fabric and crafts place by the same name.
Wally World doesn't have it here. I'll look at Lowe's.

I painted the Fox Pro last night and I don't think it turned out like I wanted it to. All of your guys stuff looks pretty good. I was trying to practice because the rifle is next and want it to look good. I think I might of pressed to hard on the foam or something? I think I might just need to slow down and take more time.
Quick question from a noob!!!

You guys make it look SUPER easy.. But I know with the lack of "crafty" talent it wont be! However, Im gonna try it anyway! (on my 870 first)

My question is:
It seems like if you painted it like in your tutorial with the charging handle still in there, when the paint dried and you pulled back on the handle paint would flake off from the areas where it came into contact with the upper. When you moved it wouldnt paint flake off?

Thank you!
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Well I decided that I would make this last a little longer since I was going to put a lot of time into it. So I decided to order the clear matte finish from Duracoat and put that on instead of a regular clear coat. I will let everyone know how it turns out when I am done and if the Duracoat was worth it or not.
Greetings folks, just joined up a few days ago and found this thread. Thought you may like to see my duracoat AR in .223
This is my winter varmint gun...still building my summer gun.
Those are some nice camo jobs. Hey Wac... I could use that camo pattern on a gun of mine... what was your procedure....?
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Dan Brothers,
We used Krylon Ultra-Flat Camouflage paint and Krylon Matte Finish/1311 for the final coat. The Camo paint comes in four colors Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Green. Used clean release duck tape for masking areas off. All from Wal-Mart. Got the sponge from Lowe's. It was a round cylinder shaped sponge that came in a red fishnet bag in the paint department next to the brushes.

I followed rockinbbars instuctions on applying the paint.

The base coat was two hits of the light brown. It dries fairly fast.

I definitely recommend practicing with the sponge on something else. The first couple tries didn't look good at all to me. We would get to much paint on the sponge and block out to much of the base paint. I ended up cuting the end of the sponge at a 45 degree angle to have more control.

Order of paint after the base was Black, Green and then Dark Brown. We went light on everything because it adds up fast.

Last we did two coats of Krylon Matte Finish.

Hope this helps.
Here are my camo RRA NMa4 that has bbl fluted free float round handguard, and Stevens 200 .223 , also have win .223 WSSM ...awesome long range, but heavy!!!




Originally Posted By: C.JayGreetings folks, just joined up a few days ago and found this thread. Thought you may like to see my duracoat AR in .223
This is my winter varmint gun...still building my summer gun.

The white sling is a nice touch. Shoe polish?