Camo Rifle Sponge Tutorial

To anyone who is going to do this I have to say one thing.
Don't get discouraged when you apply your first color with the sponge. I thought there was no way mine was going to look remotely good when I looked at it at first. The more i did the better it started to look. Just thought I'd say don't be suprised if your first reaction is "I shouldn't of done this it looks horrible." Just keep on going and it will look fine.
Practice on a piece of cardboard or a wood board before you start spraying on the rifle. It will perfect the technique for you.
Thanks for the write up rockinbbar. Heres how mine turned out.



one without the camera flash on.
I didn't paint the grip, as after a week of solid hunting with it I decided that I hate it. I'm going to buy a G27 for it.

The cheek piece is an after market clamshell gizmo. Having the scope up on the handle, you have to have it in order to get a solid cheek weld. The disadvantage it that you can no longer drop down & use the iron sights, but with my eyes that's not really much of a problem any way.

I didn't treat the plastic with any thing. The desert sand base coat is Krylon, the green & brown are Rustoleum. I'm wishing I'd picked up a can of charcoal, not real happy with the brown. But it'll do, coyotes are color blind. The main goal was to just break it up.

I may revisit & do the metal later. I'm going to replace the scope rings, those are cheap crap, so I figured I'd do that & then decide if I'll paint the rest or not.
You guys have done some great work. As color blind as I am the gun would need to be "camo'd" in traffic lime and hunter orange.

Things I take to the field or to the stream have a tag of orange or I will never recover them if dropped.

Good work and thanks for the tips.

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i looked at pics and really like allthe the paint jobs. just looking for some suggestions. here in s indiana its gets very cold but doesnt always snow. i dont think an all white base coat would work well for me. but any of you have any ideas on some colors that could kinda blend in during snow and no snow conditions? maybe like an earth base with some brown od green and some white or gray on it?
Thanks for the tutorial rockinbbar!! Here is my attempt...I think it came out okay.

It sure was nerve racking getting started though. I must have sat there for 30 minutes with the spray can in my hand wondering if I really wanted to do this!



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I have a remington r-15, so most of the gun is camo already. I really want to do my scope/rings though. I have been hesitant so far, as to not make a mistake I will regret. Beyond covering the lenses obviously, does anyone cover anything else when painting your scope? It looks like most people don't, but I would hate to mess with the swaro too much. Please let me know any helpful tips or info. Thanks.
Wow, just found this thread--very cool. I have a Mossberg 500 12ga that I hunt watefowl with and it underwent a camo job years ago. Also did a Savage M12 syn/SS. A few things I learned then and in the time since: I used Cabela's duck boat paint as a base coat. This may not be a good color for some locales but that stuff STICKS. However I should have sanded the glossy varnished stock on the Mossberg a little first as it has chipped off in a few places. I did not dissassemble the guns, masked critical mating parts or numbers/lettering and used baling wire to suspend from trigger guard or slingstud. I used cheapo throwaway brushes. For the patterns I watched the mistint shelf at local hardware store for flat exterior latex paint in appropriate colors. Very inexpensive--in some cases, free! Touchups can be done with q-tip as suggested above or cotton ball, napkin or your finger. Rattlecan flat black is good for adding shadows. Just my $.02; hope it's helpful.
Just searched Cabela's for "duck boat paint." Parker is the brand. Gallons, quarts, and rattle cans available in 4 colors. I think there was only 2 colors when I did my guns.
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If I could figure out how to add pictures, I would show some of the rifles, hondguns, knive, and holsters that I've done. By the way all of these look great.