Camo Rifle Sponge Tutorial

Originally Posted By: harleybuilderI did this Rem 700 last year and it has held up well. I used pine needles laid over the top and re arranged them in a random pattern between coats.


Great idea
Got the nerve to do my savage yesterday. Rustoleum tan was my base coat and cut up some carpet to use as the sponge and used brown and OD green to use as brush. tell me what ya think.

These all look great. I did a stock a couple years back using krylon and sections of a broom head fanned out as a stencil. I'm going to do my savage .223 in white using the white duracoat then sponge light brown or gray to add more contrast and depth. I need to wait until I get access to a warm garage or after the winter ends. I like the idea of having a snow camo specific gun instead of always wrapping it in tape. I'll do the Ruger American I'm getting in a different color.
Nice rifles guys! I thought I'd show you guys what I use to camo my guns. It's called mcnett camo form wrap. It's an alternative if you don't want to paint it. They have a bunch of different patterns.

Here's my .22 hornet in camo form:

I also like to add some natural camouflage in the field like grass and moss:
All these paint jobs are pretty awesome, I've been wanting to paint a few of my rifles but really couldn't think of way to do them until I saw the sponge idea! And I just happen to have an old single shot 12 gauge to do a test run with... thanks for posting stuff like this!