CamoBunny Hat Auction!!


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Be the first person on Predator Masters to own a creation of my own! I wanted to find and make something that everyone could afford and still have it be fur!! So I found a bunch of different Camo material and bought a batch of rabbit fur and started making these! Normally I sell these for $55 adult and $35 for kids.

Winner will have choice of Camo material that I have on hand and rabbit fur color.

So I say let's start this auction at $15 and end it on 9/28/09 at 6pm Eastern time!

Please click on the picture for a slideshow of the CamoBunny Hats!

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Once the auction is done I'll get a photo of all the camo colors (and other materials) I have on hand and the winner can choose!
I just keep thinking that I'm going to need a hat like that for this winter. I gets real cold in Florida almost into the 30's.
Sparky these are PERFECT for that type weather
No tanned furs here, except 100+ tanned coyote and swift fox tails. I have 3 coyote fur coats. I could probably donate one as a cutter. Also have a super heavy, full length muskrat coat that we could do a swap on. You could probably get a dozen hats or more from it. Also have a raccoon coat that is too small for my daughter. Hmmm...we need to talk.