Camouflage Hunter Orange Hooded Sweatshirt?


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Are these still made for big game hunting?
Last year these were not available in the various local stores
Looking for an XXL
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They most definitely are. Maybe not in your local stores, because amazon ate them all up. But a google search will find you what you’re looking for.
Better check regs in your state to see if they're legal. My dad got ticketed in CO few years ago for using an orange camo parka and hat. Worden said that wasn't wasn't solid orange therefore illegal.
Ohio requires that hunting of any wild animal from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset during any of the firearm deer seasons (youth deer gun, deer gun season, muzzleloader season) is unlawful unless the hunter is visibly wearing a vest, coat, jacket or coveralls that are either solid hunter orange or camouflage hunter orange. This is required statewide on both public and private land. The exception is hunting waterfowl.

Bow season - no orange required
Gun season- just orange from what I know.
I personally only wear a orange camo hat.