Can I use a phonton scope durring the daylong season in AZ?


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The only thing I see is its ok to use artificial light. I have a vx1 hog light but also own a photon xt40 along with a 201 unv illuminator and wanted to use as well if legal.
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No night vision or thermal optics are allowed in AZ.

Here is the Commission Rule.

R12-4-303 Unlawful Devices, Methods, and Ammunition

A. In addition to the prohibitions prescribed under A.R.S. §§ 17-
301 and 17-309, the following devices, methods, and ammunition
are unlawful for taking any wildlife in this state:
1. An individual shall not use any of the following to take
a. Fully automatic firearms, including firearms capable
of selective automatic fire; or
b. Tracer, armor-piercing, or full-jacketed ammunition
designed for military use

2. An individual shall not use or possess any of the following
while taking wildlife:
a. Poisoned projectiles or projectiles that contain
b. Pitfalls of greater than 5-gallon size, explosives, poisons,
or stupefying substances, except as permitted
under A.R.S. § 17-239 or as allowed by a scientific
collecting permit issued under A.R.S. § 17-238;
c. Any lure, attractant, or cover scent containing any
cervid urine; or
d. Electronic night vision equipment, electronically
enhanced light-gathering devices, thermal imaging
devices or laser sights; except for devices such as
laser range finders, scopes with self-illuminating reticles,
and fiber optic sights with self-illuminating
sights or pins that do not project a visible light onto
an animal.