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I understand that there is a bill in congress to charge us .05 for each mail we send and that was recieved, The Us postal service has complained that their operation has lost money becaue of the use of e mail rather than write a letter. This bill either 620 or 602 senate or house I don't know will give all proceeds to the us postal service, please let your congress man know how you feel about this
This is a hoax that has been going around for quite some time now.

To check out stuff like this to see if it is true or not go to

I went to Snopes and did a search for "charge for email" and it came up one the second line, if you care to go check it our for yourself.
If you think the post office is going to charge you a nickle for every email, just attach this one. They told me it was okay.


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If that's the case, just wait until they find out about telephones. No mailing and NO TYPING either. I feel that the telephone may be the next big thing. I wonder how much the post office will want if they (telephones) catch on like e-mail has????

Truthfully though, it seems unrealistic to me that the government will charge for e-mails. Would really cut down on the spamming though, wouldn't it?????

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