Christmas present Predator calls.


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Here are some nice Affordible call's. Rick

$20.00 Includes shipping. Will do great Howls and distress. Cnc machined by me Delrin for a smooth sound. Rick

$20.00 Includes shipping. RR2 toneboard.

$6.00 each Closed reed predator. Includes shipping. can be voiced Jackrabbit, Cottontail or Squeaker..
Here are some nice Affordible call's. Rick


I'll take one voiced jack and one voiced cottontail. One green and one amber.

Please send me a PM concerning payment.

Rick makes some really good calls, and the price is always fair. He helps a lot of newbies get started with good quality calls.
Hey Rick, I'll take three of your howlers and four closed reeds in cottontail. If there any still available. Just mix up colors on coaxers. Pm me payment instructions please.
The one on top is YDD2 Howler distress. Can also do YDD3 distress toneboards. The white Toneboard is my 5/8 RR2 Toneboard very good distress. Rick
Can a new guy get in on this deal? If so ill take a cottontail and a squeaker one amber one green. Pm me with payment details. I have paypal. Thanks