Closed Reed Rubber Rabbit .NowAvailable on my website!!!!!


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As promised here is the closed reed Rubber rabbit Since it is made from rubber they can really make some funky sounds.. The calls are $15.00 ea, if you would like the open reed and the closed reed you can have the set for $25.00
Since they are rubber, I really cant get into any fancy designs with them so they are just no frills calls that mean business
On a lanyard they are quiet no clanging and banging.. If you like the rubber rabbit open reed, I think you'll love the closed reed.. I can voice the closed reed to suite!! These are now available on my website..

Thanks for looking.. Kerry



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Kerry, I gotta have some! I'm going to give a closed reed & an open reed to a friend I hunt with who's just starting to learn about predator calling.

And I'm going to keep a closed reed for myself, to go with my open reed rubber rabbit
Originally Posted By: 220_SwiftI will take a 3 call set please!!!!!!!!!!!!

You do remember my address?

No who are you LOL
.. Ill get them in the mail bud..
Kerry I will take the whole set also for 36.00 and I wanted to know if you had any swifts made up like we talked about at the expo if so I need 2 of them as well and 1 last thing you said you had a piece of that spalted pecan left I would love to have a closed reed coaxer made out of that to match my other 2 you made. Pm me if you have any ? about any thing. God Bless Seth
Originally Posted By: Blitz636Spot on Kerry, love my rubber rabbit...

Just out of curiosity, how are they voiced? Any options?

I can voice the however you would like.. They can be voiced up just as any closed reed.. I can even do the Bird/coaxer..

Thanks guys.. I hope you like them
that is a sweet deal wish i could afford one but buying a house is top priorty right at the moment but soon ill get me one or two or 3

How soon will these closed reeds be available again? I'm interested in the closed reed with the 3" barrel and I also need another open reed rubber rabbit.

Steve, Im not going to be around till Monday.. I broke my mold so I probably wont have any more available till the end of next week.. If you would get a hold of me next Friday and I should have some ready to go.. Thanks.. Kerry
Please put me on the list, once you get up & running again.

I'd like a "short" call voiced as a cottontail (higher-pitch if possible).
I'd also like a "longer" call voiced as jack rabbit.

These will go nicely with the open reed I already have.
Drop me a message when they are ready, & I'll get ya paid, my friend!