Contact Your elected Rep, Tell Them Where YOU Stand!

There are always too many Democratic congressmen, too many Republican congressmen, and never enough U.S. congressmen
+1 for NoPeta...start studying them fairly close and you will see that most will lie some a little bit and some a lot...what we need are more "statesmen"
You beat me to it spkennels! I was just going to suggest that everybody go to and click on the "Take action now" button. I filled in my information and it automatically links and sends a pre-written email to officials from the local district reps, right up to the President.
I used the RUger website posted above, earlier tonight, easy to use. I hope more people use it as I did. What more can be done? Dumb question, but I would not have thought things getting this retarded so fast. I won't make that assumption again.
I always get a canned answer from my state rep He is studying the issue. (anti gun democrat) my congressman is on board dan marino, pro 2nd amendment and senator Toomey also ok. senator bob casey I don't trust he is an Obama yes man. guy
I’m sure gun records are all computerized but wouldn’t it blow the libs minds if all the ffl people got together and put a match to every piece of of gun registration they had on file.