Coon hunting


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Could someone recommend a good .22 handgun for coon hunting please. Mabey with a scope or red dot to. Probably turn into a beater, so not an expensive one please. Thanks Richard
Ruger Single Six! Very safe to pack, accurate, tougher than nails, simple to operate, has good sights. Plan on a trigger job for best shootability.
Thanks for the recommendations guys. On second thought, I may try an old gun I have had for 50 years. Its an Armenious I think. Made in Germany. I bought it when I was 21. It looks pretty rough, but still shoots well enough to kill a coon. About 40 years ago I used to carry it in a leather holster in my truck. Well, I left the window down and it rained, drenching the gun and the holster. Well it was some time before I realized what had happened, and it was quite rusty. Kept it in the barn for snakes ever since. That hasn't improved the looks any, but it still shoots. It has a vent rib that I would need to attach a scope or red dot to. Any ideas on that? Thanks again