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I just read where copper prices are up 184% over the last two years and about $10,000 per ton and expected to go up. I don't think this will help the bullet industry any. I didn't read anything but the head lines and was enough to turn me away.
what do they use for electric wires to make all these EV"S for the world they will need to and are already behind in the power grid. so all these new solar panels and wind turbines will need a bunch of wires in it and too and from it. doesn't shock me.
I'm doing a re.odel job and the local Home Depot has the wire in a locked cage. Plumbing solder surprised me too.

Won't hurt the bullet industry ,just the consumer.
There has been many times the last 10 years ,that salvage copper has been over $3.00 a pound at the scrap yard.That's what they are paying the guy bringing it in,what do you think they are selling it for ?!!

Headlines are always full of drama.
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For some reason it reminds me of this:

If only late night comedy tv was like this now..

Hope the copper deal doesn’t make ammo and component availability go crazy again, but it probably will.
Joe declared mining is also a climate change contributor. Leases, contracts and EPA regs and pressure on banks to reduce operating capital all causing supply issues(higher prices). You are getting what you voted for.