Coyote dog for sale.


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I considered selling this dog a while back, but Im going to put her up again.

Cur/Border Collie cross.

She is somewhere between 2 and 3. She has seen lots of coyotes. She will load, engage coyotes, she will kill anything covered in fur if you ask her to, or if you dont want her too you can call her off. She is very kid friendly and I trust her with my kids with no hesitation. She is not dog aggressive at all. Will not fight on a dead coyote. She is obedient, has good manors and is extremely smart. She will meet you at the truck and get in the box, and ride quietly. Then she will beat you to the pen and kennel up. She will sit and stay. She is collar broke and requires very little correction. She will engage hard, but not take one very far. She is fearless but not stupid and out of control. She will chase a deer off but not follow it off. She dont need 2 or 3 other dogs along, she will hunt alone. She aint skeered of a coyote. She is broke off cattle, but would chase the far out of one if you let her. She has been hauled to many different states and will stay on a chain without a battle and lay there contently. Nothing wrong with this dog. She is in the top 2 best dogs Ive ever hunted with.

Dont take my word for it. Check out my YouTube page. Video dont lie. Come hunt with her. Ask anyone who has hunted with me. I have nothing to hide. She is the real deal, and about as good as they come. She is also intact.

If she is so good then why am I selling her? Well, I love this dog. Ive put many hours in on her training. No dog is perfect, and all dogs have something I would change. But she is pretty stout. I have a daughter getting married and I need the money. Its as simple as that.

I have showed this dog around 40 coyotes this June alone. She knows exactly why you are there and dont mess around. She knows coyotes are coming and what to do when they show up. She is lightning fast and will run down a coyote if she so chooses. She is flashy and a overall neat little dog. Rarely fails to impress.

Ok, now the bad. She has very strong Collie traits. While this trait gives her a lot of cool factor, a lot of times she will go into sneak mode on a coyote like a collie working cattle. Its actually neat to watch, but some may not like it. Its not a big deal, and some folks may actually enjoy watching it. Its growing on me. It does keep the coyote close and occupied. The only bad habit is my fault. She is a little dog and I let her jump up on me. I normally wont let my dogs do this, but I like her and I dont mind. Im the only person she will jump up on and could be broke very easily. She's my dog and I let her do it.

She didnt just wake up one morning and POOF! A good dog! This kind of dog dont just "happen". Many hours and many miles have went into this dog. Anything of value costs money. I want $3000.

Here is my YouTube page. Prolly 25 to 30 clips with her in them.





Thanks Craig. It pains me to let the little yellow dog go. Ive become pretty fond of her. Will only let her go to a good home. She is a sweetheart. I need the money, but wont let her be mistreated.
Dang Wade! How you been buddy? I aint talked to you in a while. You been camped out in Mexico? I need to give you a call, let you tell me some stories about your world wide travels.
If I didn't have two - I'd come get her to run with her brother -----
She is the REAL DEAL --
This is special dog and won't be any more ---
I would like a pup out of her someday ---
WOW-- what a deal on a great dog ---
Good luck with weddings Jeff ---
Thanks Terry, how you been? I dont see anyone anymore since I left Facebook. Retired life still treating you right?

Ya this wedding deal is eating my lunch. Not only am I losing my baby, Im also losing all my money.

I hate to lose my baby and my dog. Freep will be for sale till noon on Friday. After that she stays here. I have another good prospect I need to train. Just not enough hours and Im not as hardcore as I use to be. Getting old and more responsible.
Originally Posted By: Catdog1I bet your daughter is doing cart wheels

I wouldnt trade nothing for my girls, but between buying their first cars, braces, prom dresses and now weddings, they keep me broke all the time!

I love em though, even more than my dogs.

I know how much you love your dogs, I can only imagine how much you love your daughters:)

Having two of my own now 19 and 16, one just finished her Freshman year at GCU in Phoenix and the 16 year old just got her 1st car and the 19 year old just got a new Honda Civic.

Glad to hear Freep is going to a good home.

Hopefully see you in Colorado this winter my friend!!
Originally Posted By: doggin coyotesOriginally Posted By: aaajIs this dog still for sale?

Man, you've entered into a thread that is 6 years old. LOL

Doesn't mean that hounds still not up for discussion. Just means it's 6 years older LOL!
Originally Posted By: wolverinesOriginally Posted By: doggin coyotesOriginally Posted By: aaajIs this dog still for sale?

Man, you've entered into a thread that is 6 years old. LOL

Doesn't mean that hounds still not up for discussion. Just means it's 6 years older LOL!

And it either is a good one or has been sent down the road.