Coyote hunting in Maine...


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How many Mainers do we have in here? And do any of you Maine Coyote hunters have any tips or tricks? What are you calls are you using and what caliber do you prefer? Im just curious to hear what other people are doing, and what works for them.. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grinning-smiley-003.gif
A blade of grass and a bowie knife. j/k
I just have the basics. Scoped Ruger mini-30, a mouth call, and a Johny Stewart elec. call. I also carry a Ruger single 6 sidearm.
Main guy here too but I am new to this whole calling thing this year. RRA ar15, 870 12ga, minaska m1, set of carver calls. Dont know what the [beeep] i am doing but i have the toys...LOL
I'm from Maine. I use a range of rifles for coyote hunting. However I usually carry a Daewoo rifle or a Ruger No. 1 in 22-250. And always a side arm, Glock g31 or a s&w .38. Usually use mouth calls. I have tried bait with mixed results. I've been doing it for 15 years, and still feel like a novice. I learn more and more every year! Good luck, there are lots of coyotes out there!
Shooting both an AR and a 270. Using a foxpro now, and yes i love it.... Been busy with bear baits, so I haven't been out for a while, but there seems to be a lot of coyotes around.
thompson center pro hunter with a 12 ga barrel, also use handguns since it's very dense where i hunt, and a 100 foot clearing is about the most i could hope for

use hand calls

4thhorseman where you located?
I'm in Washington, by the somerville line
OK guys fill in this newbee on calling in Maine. What type of cover do you find the most productive? I get hung up in watching these guys on TV and videos calling all this open country. How are you calling and are you hunting with a partner and if so where is he? What is the response like? Response to stand raitio? How do you guys go about selecting your stands? Do you ride the roads checking for fresh tracks then sneek in and call? Which season have you found to be better?

OK OK I will stop just anxious to learn here and thanks a BUNCH for any info.
4thhorseman do you hunt down the peninsula?
I used to live in Spruce Head, and never found anything coyote related down there. maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, I could sit on my back deck and shoot all the deer and coons I wanted, but never heard a coyote call.

I was thinking of trying those gravel pits on 220 by the waldoboro/washington line, but don't know if they're still in use or not.

if you want to try s get together I'd be up for an outing either down by you or up by me.
Make it 9.
Rangeley-Eustis and points beyond.

Hi rabidhunter66.

I use a variety of rifles depending on the situation. Mostly switching between an AR-15A2 20” with ACOG (60 gr TAP-Urban, Tactical Application Police), Custom Mauser 243 (58 gr Hornady VMax/ Varget) or Custom Ruger 77 Varmint in 308 (110 gr Hornady VMax/ Norma 201).
Johnny Stewart Cassette caller and assorted little lures and attractors.

The calling/hunting is better with fewer leaves on the trees. Also Coyote night hunt over bait on a frozen lake. Deer, rabbit, chicken what ever I can get placed at 200 and 300 yards from a heated shack. This is not cheating but putting your self at an advantage: we use IR illumination and night vision equipment.
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I live in Buxton and have camps in Roxbury and Andover.
I've seen more Mainers on the board than this, i guess there just shy. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
How is everyone doing so far? I'm headed up to Eustis this weekend to see if I can't bag a few! I went up this past weekend too, but the rain was killer!! I never made it out of camp, instead of killing a Yote I killed a bottle of Crown Royal.