Crossbows shoot to hard????


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We have a new facility at out club. It will allow rifle shooter to shoot out to 300 yards while in AC in the summer or heat in the winter. It will also accommodate 10 meter air rifle and archery up to 20 yards indoors. But the archery chairman says "no crossbows", "they shoot to hard". Years ago, I might could agree with that but with the modern compound bow today, I'm not so sure. I know the days of round wheel compounds shot nothing like the cam bows today. Does this still hold true or is he living in the past???
I know crossbows have hit harder than bows but don't know how much so. It shouldn't be too hard to find specs.

In the past two hay bales worked fine to stop arrows from our straight and recurves up to 60 lbs but my 45 lbs compound will shoot through them ànd I need a special bag target to practice on my range.

When you look at arrow targets they will designate crossbow comparable ànd then in some of the reviews there are complaints of crossbows shooting through them.

Your club might set up a lane for crossbows and use crossbow capable targets on it.
They haven't bought any targets for indoors yet. Maybe they should get ones that are X-bow rated then it wouldn't be a problem. I have a bag target in my yard and it stops a bolt just fine. Its just filled with a cotton like fiber but it works great.
I just changed from a 6mm arrow to a 5mm extreme penetration arrow in my vertical bow(57 pd draw). Arrow is half out backside of my new broadhead target(rated to 350 fps crossbow). Definitely need high performance targets for crossbows.