Custom Leather Knife Sheath from DCC


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A long while back fellow callmaker Lwilliams contacted me about making a special sheath for a really cool custom knife he had. Well he sent it to me and had the patience of Job waiting for me to get the thing right. This was the first carving/multicolored dye job I've done and I think it came out pretty nice. Here are the pics:


Made it so it could be worn either verticaly on the strong side or horizontaly on the weak side:





Here is a pic of the apple core before the final dyes and finish were added.


I give mucho credit to Levi for hanging in there with me on this project, getting the design right then getting the carving to be correect took quite a bit of trial and error (4 prototype sheaths in the scrap bin
). Thanks again Levi and I hope this one suits you well on future hunts!!

Thanks for looking guys and gals!!

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thats cool, i think anything made by hand is far better than something you can go to the store and buy!

keep up the good work!! i like it!!

-great color saturation by the way!!!
Yep, thats a beauty for sure. How difficult was the dual wear option to make????

OH...any significance to the apple core?

The hardest thing was getting the idea squared away in my head. The dual carry really worked out well and with hand stitching I got it right where I wanted it and the whole thing balances out pretty well.
Mr. Williams told me that the apple core was a kind of signature of the knife maker, he gave me the option of leaving the carving off but I decided to go for it. Getting that core right was a bugger, I finally had to make the sheath then carve the apple core after I stitched the whole thing.
This was definitely a learning experience and I appreciate Levi giving me the chance to do it for him.

Thanks for the kind words and for checking out my stuff!!

And his work is top notch! He repaired an older case sheath for me and built another for it. TOP NOTCH craftsmanship!

That is a cool design. I really like the red in the apple core. Nice contrast!