Custom Rifle Blueprints

Originally Posted By: viperThat’s a nice looking rifle!!! The 6mm Creedmoor your other pictures did not come through.

Thank you post has been fixed
Well last year during the Pandemic lock down I decided to build up a Coyote rifle. I picked up a Howa Mini Action in 6.5 Grendel and a Bell and Carson stock. Some MDT bottom metal, and cut down a mag for flush mount. A Timmney 1.5# trigger and glass bedded. Took it to David Fink up at Gun Site in Arizona to have a new 6mm ARC Bartlien 3-B contoured 20” barrel put on, and have it blue printed. Waiting to get back and will attach some pictures and targets!! Keeping fingers crossed it all blends together nice and is a shooter.
I started my new build this week-end buying a Sightron STAC scope, 4-20x50. Today, I sent my action to Douglas for a new barrel. Its a Sako action getting their Select Match SS barrel. It will be a 5A contour, .750 muzzle diameter, 24 inch long, 7.5 twist in 6 Creedmoor. The stock will be a factory Sako composite. And I'll keep the factory trigger but maybe replace the springs. Its already pretty good but may work on it a little more. Its a stainless action and a stainless barrel so I may have it coated. Possibly a new bolt handle as well.
My First Center Fire Rifle I Ever purchased back in the day, Re-Worked...again.

Been about a year waiting on parts, but my main night gun is finally back togeather.

700 SA
MPA ultra lite chasis
Proof carbon 22in 7twist Chambered in 22-250
Timney 2.5lb
Currently wearing nightforce 3.5-15. Normally Wears a Halo

Previously the rifle was a 7twist 22-250. But it had a green mountain straight taper 22" barrel, and Mcrees chasis. Some of you may remember seeing pics of it. It shot lights out for years, but just too heavy for my liking.

The rifle lost roughly 6lbs during this process, which is night and day.

Still need to work on load, but its back ready for night work.