Custom Shop Benchmades... pictures.

The Bugout looks very interesting, great steel, lightweight yet big.
Are the scales on your custom beefed up form OEM version ?
I chose G10 scales for my build. Makes all the difference, much more solid feeling and yet still lightweight. I love the Bugout, it is a great knife but I cannot abide those plastic factory scales.
Good upgrade, I've seen videos of the OEM FRN Bugout scales flexing as they're squeezed.

My latest upgrade was a deep carry clip from USA :

I'm ok with the FRN scales on this USA M4 Native 5, they're solid & its my EDC now.

Very nice clip! Things like that make a difference. There are a lot of aftermarket scales for the Bugout and it is an easy swap to change scales.
May just be a Bugout in my future, think I could get used to that axis lock really quick.
And would add some stiff scales to it, like you said.
Blade show coming up June 3rd, will be looking for special stuff there..
I think you would like it. The drop point blade is thin and cuts like a champ. S30V from Benchmade is very good blade steel. The Axis lock is great, fast and solid. It isn't a beater, I wouldn't batan through a chunk of wood with it. With that said there are some interesting videos of guys beating the Hades out of the stock Bugout with those flexy factory plastic scales. They take a surprising amount of abuse. For a lightweight pocket knife that will cover most general purpose every day cutting chores it is a dandy. In my eye adding some better scales over the issue plastic makes it a much sturdier and more attractive knife.