Death Grip modified for arca plate?


A friend of mine bought a Death Grip tripod and was wondering if he can modify it to accept an arca swiss plate type of mount to save weight. Has anyone out there done this or is it possible?

I personally run the Night Stalker tripod with the arca plate but not sure about the Bog Pod/Death Grip.
Originally Posted By: crapshootOriginally Posted By: 204 ARI don't know this guy, I just saw the post a while back.

I've seen a similar post on snipers hide. Probably the same guy.

I have two of these units hitting the Post Office this evening. Looks like an easy upgrade.

I like the BOG(s) but it is herky-jerky. Especially while following a moving target. Hoping this smooths it out.
Updating on the Snipershide/Longrangehunting ball head upgrade.

Super easy install and a great improvement to the BOG. Disassembly is as easy as taking the bottom bolt out and giving the upper portion a light tap with a rubber mallet. Separates easily and the install is even more straight forward.

I like it. Installed last night and smoothly took a running possum last night...and a crow off the possum this morning. It's a good unit.
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I purchased a kit from Little Crow Gun Works, in Minnesota. Allows me to use the factory saddle or arca plate on firearm. The ball head seems nice, will test soon.
I used the modified death grip(with the saddle) for shotgun zone deer season. I called a nice 8 pt buck in, but he wasn't quite what I wanted to tag. However 2 coyote following him were on my shoot list. One shot 80.5 yards with the Savage 220 and Federal 3" fusion sabot. Very stable shooting rest.
Here is a video from Little Crow Gun Works on a ball head conversion. After the conversion, you can add either a leveling head or ball head.

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With the LCG kit you have the option to use an arca plate or the saddle. Which I like, I found a couple 3 and 4" aluminum plates on ebay(7 and 9$ each with removable stops). My slug gun and a couple bolt guns I don't want to modify will be used with the saddle. AR for night hunting gets an arca plate, which is A LOT lighter than the saddle. Both setups seem more stable, I believe this is due to being able to level the reticle as you move the firearm. Next weekend is muzzleloader season, in the saddle will be my Knight .54 inline.
Same as what RedfootRanch said. Should be able to take the saddle off and it’ll be Arca acceptable under that. I got an Annex Defense Short rail from CR2 Solutions. It works great. If that still doesn’t suit, check out Zero Fox Given they have conversions/replacements for all Bog tripods