Desert Ducks


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I've hunted ducks most of my life. Most of it along the northern tier of states and china, water was never an issue and I have three boats I use for duck hunting.

Here I am in the Great SW during a draught. Water levels are so low and dropping that there is no shoreline cover to hide a boat in. With out a dog shore blinds just mean lost birds.

Well I found a spot, I had to hike quite a ways with a pack of decoys and my layback chair. yesterday was windy so the ducks were moving quite a bit and I got some shooting in on close in birds that I was pretty sure I wouldn't have sailers or ones I'd have to chase down. I killed enough birds for dinner last night, with a dog I would have limited out.

This morning was dead still and a bright moon, I got set up in the dark and could see them flying over me and landing all around me, by first light the ducks had quit feeding and moved out in the lake and stayed there.

It was fun to be in a pile of ducks even if I didn't get a shot off.

I hunt with a 100 yr old sxs with hammers on it and 7/8 oz of #6 ITX/Bismuth so limits aren't that important to me, just a few to eat works fine.
My Grandmother could fix duck with stuffing that was very good. I just have not been able to get it done right. They are not very good. Wish I knew how she did it but at the time I had other things on my mind.
I have a double hammer 12 that is in really good shape. It came to the US by way of a WWII solder I am sure. It has fluid steel barrels and closes tight. Lot of fun to shoot.
Some years we have ducks and some years none at all hardly.
Would be good if this is a have ducks year.
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Desert ducks are the same as the ones from wetter states. They just sound like they smoked a carton of camels when they quack and dust come off their feathers when they fart or get shot.
Wrap the breast in bacon and grill untill the bacon starts to crisp, should still be pink inside. Slice up the breasts saute with peppers and onions, makes great fajitas. Dice hearts, gizzards and livers fine saute in butter with equal amounts of of diced onions season with plenty of black pepper, salt to taste and server on toast points preferably rye. Most people over roast ducks and make them tough and strong. Use the wings, legs and breast in place of beef in stroganoff.