Do we still have anyone hunting hogs?


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Today marks a full month since anyone posted any hog hunting tales. Am I the only one still after them? Wish I could post pictures, been having a lot of fun as an old timer!
I wish I was lol, there's none up this far north thankfully though.

The way I post pics, join a hosting site, like, upload to there and copy/paste the bbcode.
Been so busy lately I have not had a chance. Our numbers have been down a little since the big freeze we had last March. They will be back in force though before long.

I generally make one trip to Georgia each year, but looks like will miss this one. I still enjoy hunting them, just don’t get to do it often.
Originally Posted By: vahunterI took this 560 pounder last month in Tennessee.

Man, that one is full grown. Haven't found one that big here in Oklahoma. Stay after them!
We don't hunt them, per se, very often - just shoot them whenever we see them. Sometimes late summer when the apples and pears are falling on my buddy's place we'll go down there at night and try to ambush a few of them.

I think the heat has slowed the hunting down some. I know I am soaked in sweat in 10 minutes wearing a mosquito suit and snake boots here in North FL.

I set up in my truck bed and shot 5 of these with a suppressed .22 running subsonic ammo. The wind was just right so I was putting rounds in their ear canals at 25 yards. After 5 went down they started to figure out something was up and eased off into the woods.

I didn't realize the internal memory of my scope was full so no video.


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