Do you really need a $2000 crossbow?


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I just watched a couple of videos one on the Ravin and one on a Tenpoint. Both x-bows were over $2000. Just don't see it myself. Think I'll just stick to my old Excaliber Grizzly.
Why does someone need a custom built rifle with a multi-thousand dollar scope to kill deer over a food plot.

What is spent on a weapon for hunting has a lot to do with your needs, the depth of your pockets and the hunters ego. Not always in that order.

If you don't need the features offered in a $2000. crossbow, you have to put a strain on your budget, or you don't have to impress everyone with the latest and greatest. It isn't a worthwhile purchase.
Just gotta wait until next year when that person needs to get the latest and greatest for $2300, and dump the old one for $1k
My youngest son was shooting in an archery competition in Tulsa, and his coach scheduled a practice time at an indoor range. The range was upstairs and I was downstairs wandering around, looking at all the gear and a few of the family’s younger children were downstairs wandering around unattended. I heard a man’s voice say “here bud, let me help you put that back” and turned around to see an 8-10 year old boy holding a $3300 crossbow. 😳😳

It was shocking to me for a few reasons…. 1- a little kid picked up a bow with an enormous price tag. 2- someone allowed their child to wander unattended and 3- the shop owner was so gracious about the entire thing. It was truly impressive on his part.

I would pretend to be shocked at the price tags associated with archery equipment, but I shoot a traditional bow that carried a hefty price tag as well. It is what it is.