Don't drop your MOJO when it's 7 degrees


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I was out in Kansas last week with my son and brother hunting coyotes. We were getting ready to go to a new set when I dropped my Mojo Critter on the frozen ground. Pieces went everywhere and I thought it was done for. I picked it up and to my surprise it still worked. I had built a stand for it so we were good to go. Don't drop your MOJO.


I dropped mine Saturday it was about 10 degrees and the top was broke in about 3 pieces I used it the rest of the day and it worked. I took it apart and used a 1.5" pvc cap and drilled it out and counter sunk the screw heads.I love my critter but I wished they would have used a thicker plastic on it.
The bottom of mine broke and looked exactly like yours. It happened in my pack somehow, also in extreme cold. I mixed up some JB Weld and put it back together. I roughed up the plastic and really globbed in on there thick all the way around the break. I havent used it yet, but I'll bet its stronger now than before it broke.

BTW, I emailed Mojo about it and they offered to fix it for $20 + return shipping. But, by the time I did that I'd have $30+ in it and I only paid $45 for it new.
Man How I am glad we don't get that cold here in TX, I really like my Mojo..Sorry to hear bout that Jim, did ya'll get anything? I'll make sure not do drop mine.

it must be a kansas thing i was calling in north central kansas and went to pull my critter out of the ground and did the same thing, kind of teed off about it just threw it in the pack and went home
It is not just the cold. I dropped mine the other day in 44 degree weather and the top broke on it. Time to break out the JB weld and Strengthen it some
I hate things that are made out of Plastic. Anytime you have a metal screw going into something made out of plastic it's going to break eventually.

The only type of plastic that I have had that didn't break was the type that they use to make the "RubberMaid" trash cans. That stuff is flexible and strong.

But I bought a rubbermaid square box container with matching lid. Then last winter we had an ice storm and the ice formed on top of the lid about 2" thick. I had the box in the back of my pickup truck sitting outside for three days. When the storm was over I went out to get the truck and noticed the ice sitting on top of the rubbermaid box. I tried to push the ice off the lid and then tried to break up the ice. The lid cracked under the pressure and I was disappointed. Even the rubbermaid type plastic breaks when it's extremely cold.

I don't have a mojo but I do have a quiver rabbit decoy and it's made out of the same type of plastic as the mojo decoy. I took a 5 gallon bucket and filled it up to the top with peat moss. Then I can stick the plastic stake into the peat moss when I want to setup the decoy. I can sit on the bucket by adding a swivel bucket camo lid to the deal. I used this 5 gallon camo bucket seat when I last went dove hunting. I carried all my shotgun shells and other supplies inside the bucket for that hunt.

I purchased a 2 new sets of eyeglass frames this last month. Had to have the store put on new plastic soft nosepieces. The tiny screw that holds the plastic nose pieces is metal. But the metal screw is fitted into a plastic nose piece holder. So the first thing that happened is the metal screw was screwed in too tight and stripped the plastic threads. Now the screw is not tight and probably will fall out sooner or later. Then one pair of my new 90 dollar frames will be rendered useless. I need to take the frame back and get another frame. Again I hate things that are made out of plastic.

JB weld is great but it won't always hold onto slick plastic parts. You have to made sure that you clean the plastic of all grease and oily substances and then rough up the platic with some sandpaper so that the JB weld can stick to the plastic better.

I have yet to find any good glue that will weld plastic back together after it's broken.

How many things did you buy that were made out of plastic that broke and you had to throw away.

When I think of Plastic I am reminded of the movie "The Graduate". Anyone else remember the line in that old movie about Plastics?
Originally Posted By: Coyotehunter_JB weld is great but it won't always hold onto slick plastic parts. You have to made sure that you clean the plastic of all grease and oily substances and then rough up the platic with some sandpaper so that the JB weld can stick to the plastic better.

Thats exactly what I did, and its holding so far. So really, how do you feel about plastics? LOL...
Ditto, I dropped one before I even used it and broke the top so it was unusable. Went to a local retailer and got another one as I was going to hunt the next day. Got home and opened the package and it was cracked already.

Took the one that was totally wasted apart and will take it to the hardware store to find a suitable thin wall PVC and re-engineer the critter.

Will post photos etc if it works out.
It doesn't need to be cold for the plastic to breaak off where the peg goes into the Mojo Critter. I've broken 4 off in a row and my neighbor has broken 2 off. I still believe it's the best decoy on the market, even though I feel that it has a design flaw with the breakoffs. I plan on building a PVC sleeve for it to sit into, as I'm tired of replacing the decoy every month or so.

Mine broke on Saturday. I sanded, cleaned, and reinforced it with Acraglass(bedding compound). The PVC is a great idea and will be my next move if I break it again.
MOJO Outdoors is hearing you guys with this problem you are having.

I'd bet that in a short while we will have an answer that makes us all smile.
I just got mine in the mail today and the top was broken inside the plastic package. I called the company I got it from and they have already emailed MOJO and a replacement should be on the way soon. I recommended that MOJO work on improving the design. I mentioned all the post on this site regarding breakage of both the top and bottoms. If this next one breaks which I expect it to, I will most likely us some pvc pipe and place the insides of my mojo into the pvc like promapper suggested.
Creation of the "Pipe Critter".

Started the conversion last night by gathering the few parts that will be required and keeping in mind to keep it simple for those that don't have a lot of tools. Ended up being about $6.00 worth.

Parts so far
1 1/2 inch PVC (Lowes has 2' pieces pre-cut)
flat end cap
coupler from pipe to threaded end
threaded end cap
barrel thread in 1/4 20 (I think that's what it's called.)

Th battery holder has to have the corners sanded a bit to fit but once you do it works fine. I already have the switch installed on the side and the threads were plenty long to go through the pvc and still have enough left for the guard and nut.

The only thing left is to mount the motor and a little paint, hook and loop for the fur and done.

I plan to wrap the circuit board in foam and pack all voids with foam as well. I am convinced this should be able to be done in 2 hours.

This would also allow those that hunt in brush the option of making a taller critter

Let's make this a collaborative effort. Any recommendations for a better pipe critter would be appreciated but keep in mind not all of us have a full shop.

Thanks... More tomorrow
You guys are lucky even if you are having problems.I have had one on order forever from Midway sure wish MOJO would get some shipped to their suppliers.