Double Male

Good job on those, Mick. The one on the right in the photo (your left) looks like some we get here, with darker bristled back hair.
Good deal Mick. 47 is a biggun. I did miss the comments when you thought you missed--tehe.
When I played it I thought no way did he miss. How far did he go?
Lol I don’t think either went more than 50 - 75 yards. There were many tracks, no blood & brush. Found it without even looking hard in the daylight. I didn’t watch the video until after I had found him that morning. I was pretty sure he should have been dead. The video was pretty convincing, lol !
The 55 gr. Hornady v-max have been preforming quite well Owen !
I was surprised there was no blood trail BUT they didn’t go far !

Thanks for suggesting I try them !