Duke #2 coil for coyotes?

Just got a screaming deal on 2 dozen, Duke #2 Coilsprings, not the square jaws.

I’ve used #2 Square jaws and #3 coils for about all my coyote trapping, but since I’ve added these I thought about trying them. Has anyone done the same? Worked alright?

Thanks in advance
Will they catch and hold coyotes, yes. I do not use them for coyotes because I do not feel they are heavy enough, (my opinion). I question how well the trap will hold up over time.
Our season opened the 15th of November, since then I’ve caught 11 coyotes. 9 of them being with the new duke #2s. A couple of them were just toe catches, but so far no problems at all. One trap did take a beating from a real heavy coyote on hard ground. Just took my pliers and fixed it on the fly, trap seems to be fine, caught a coon in it this morning.