Dusty dry here


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Back in the drought here. No rain in over 30 days. It is making the hogs pretty lean.

I switched the suppressor back to my Creedmore from the AR and wanted to be sure it was on. It was.


I skinned it out and gave to someone who was glad to get it.

My wife got me a thing to hold my phone so I would take pictures using the delay. It worked, but not sure if I like it better than the camera or not.
It dusty and dry here in Oklahoma as well. Seems I can't remember the last time it has rained. Forecast says maybe a chance of rain on Wednesday but I'm not holding my breath. But boy we sure could use it. Nice hog and I sure the family you gave it to appreciates it.
I can echo what Psychodog says, I was out a few times in the last 2 weeks and saw coyotes carrying canteens and the grasshoppers were lined up to receive MRE"s.