E Caller and remote carry lanyards available now!


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I have a few lanyards available for carrying a Foxpro caller/remote combo, or any other E callers with similar attachment points.

The remote lanyard can be looped into the attachment point on the Fury remote, or any other remote that has a loop or slot made to attach a carrying lanyard. It also has 2 drops tied in so you can carry a couple of hand calls if you'd like. The drops are not braided in full length like my standard lanyards, so they can easily be moved up or down, and they can be easily removed if you don't carry hand calls.

The caller lanyard is made so that one end is looped onto one of the attachment points on the Fury and Spitfire (and similar) callers, and the other end is attached with a simple hangman's knot or a secure slip knot.

These lanyards are made for very simple loop and tie on attachment.They have no metal clips to bang and clatter on your remote or caller.

I've "field tested" these for several months on my Fury and remote, and they are a simple, secure, and quiet attachment.

$20 each, or $38 for a same-colors set, shipping included to the lower 48. No choice on colors right now. PayPal preferred, but a USPS money order will be fine if you don't do the PP thing.

I hope to post some pictures today.



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Here are some pictures of the individual remote/caller lanyards I have available right now:


and here are three of the matched sets:


The pictures aren't very good because the flash has washed out a lot of the color, but maybe y'all can get the general idea.
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The matched set in the center of the picture is sold. Thanks SJA223!

The other 2 are still available.
The one on the left is coyote tan/foliage green, and the one on the right is coyote tan/OD green.

Jeff, they look Great. You should do well with them. My Lanyards and Game Carrier work great. My Hunting Partners realy like the Lanyards I gave them for Christmas.
I've got 2 of the matching sets available right now, and I've added the option of a trigger clip attachment for the folks that would rather not have to tie their own noose attachment on the caller lanyard.
I also have several of the single lanyards if you don't want the set.
Originally Posted By: GOSOMOJeff,
I would like to have both. I will try to pay you thru Pay Pal.

Mailed them this afternoon.