E.L.K. Power Howler help!!


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Anybody know where I can find a good audio clip of someone who really knows how to use one of these?
Don't know about the audio clip but J. D. Piatt (Canine) can sure school you on their use. Same goes for Brent Saxton (Keekee).
I use one

And it has to do with lip pressure and placement on the bottom part of the latex,once you get that part of it then air pressure.They are not as hard to use as I once thought they were

Practice,practice practice.....,,
Here's a link to the World Championship, I used the ELK power howler for my barks, lone howl, and threat bark howl...

**calling tip- turn it upside down from what the directions say and IMO, sounds much better. I can use it both ways now but when I was learning to use it, it made it a lot easier by rotating it 180 degress. I think it sounds better, seems like you can adjust air pressure much easier. hope this helps.**
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Gotta be careful in cold weather with latex reeds! Thats was one reason I swapped to a double reeded diaphram to get the same sound.. The Elk is a great call though,theres no denying that!