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Today I was out combine corn. And it is WI gun season going on too. I was opened up the head lands on the corn field next to the owner house. Made the first pass, on the return pass a big buck gets up in the corn and takes off. I stop the machine and watch until I loss sight of him. As I move ahead, there he stands looking at me. Again I stop the machine and watch him. He start walking to the east along the edge of the field. Goes half way down and goes back into the corn field. I turn off my combine and go take the grain truck back to the farm, and I return in my orange and rifle in hand.

Go down the field to where I last saw the deer go into the field. There is a water way that I leave on the hillside. Start going to the east slowly looking down the rows. Go about 50 yds and there he is laying down, about 50 yds to the south and looking away from me. Up comes the rifle and 130gr bullet lands true to it mark. Big boy is down, one very happy hunter. This is my largest with rifle. And my hair not that gray either. Im old but not that old. Thanks for looking.

The rough score is 164" gross, after deduction should be about 154" typical.

Nice buck. My family is all living in WI, Colfax and Cable areas, AlL through Thanksgiving week I get updates from sisters and nieces and nephews.
WI has some really great whitetails, #1 for big bucks on the B&C list. Seems like most of them come out of the western half of the state an not all from farm country. Mine was from the deep forest in the Hayward area and the Jordan Buck was from north of Crex Meadows. Mine was measured by the taxidermist at 170, I'm not a rack collector but I did have a Euro mount done and it hangs in my BinLs entry way with his dinks I can't resist teasing him. When I shot it all I could see was that it had horns and was totally shocked she I walked up to it, estimate live weight at the check station was over 400 lbs
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