END IT WITH * you might be a coyote hunter* (a fun thread maybe)

If you and your wife are going somewhere and you base the route and who should drive on your ability to look for coyotes.
Or, if you offer to take the back way home, "because of traffic"....you might be a coyote hunter
If you're tiring yourself more from blowing mouth calls.. then from the actual hiking to spots... you might be a coyote hunter.

if you give serious consideration to attempting pulling-over on the Fwy.. and then backing up to pickup a coyote dead on the side of the Hwy... because it's large and has beautiful Fur... you might be a coyote hunter.

If your dogs are fascinated with smelling you when you come back from the field... you might be a coyote hunter.

If there are strange things in sealed buckets of water around your house.. you might be a coyote hunter.
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If your daughters first "Pacifier" was a Ruffigirl coyote Call You might be a coyote caller
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If you ever locked your mother in-laws weaner dog puppy in a kennel in the bathroom while no one else was around just to make it cry for an extended period of time while you sit on the toilet recording it for another sound on your e-caller, you might be a coyote hunter
If you have ever made your passenger nervous from looking through scanner out the window with your left eye and trying to drive with your right eye while driving down a gravel road at night in a new area
If you have more night hunting lights and predator calls than your wife has shoes….

If reloading supplies and ammunition are just as important as groceries….

If camo is your garment of choice - all the time….

If washing your pickup truck is not complete until you hose the blood out of the bed….

If your wife makes you shut the door to the laundry area so she can’t smell the bloody
pants you wore hunting last night….

If every Christmas you expect to receive a hunting related present ….

If your 6 year old knows how to use your predator calls and safely handle a firearm….

If your kids are always excited to see what dad brings home this time….

If saying, “because I need it”, to your wife is a perfectly normal way to justify why you
bought something (another scope, gun, call etc.) ….

then you might be a coyote hunter.
If you go to bed with coyotes howling in your back yard & the wife saying I wish you would leave them alone.. You might be a Predator caller
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Originally Posted By: misterfuzzerIf can say B*tch Talk in front of your wife and you don't get slapped, you might be a coyote hunter.
If you ever had a campfire at night with friends. And turned on a lion scream from your shockwave hidden in the tree line 20 yards away!
if your buddys wife calls you up to chew you out for texing him at 2 am because you could,nt wait till the next day to show him your video of your kill you made that nite, hey not my problem he forgot to put his phone on silent mode