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Stu Farish

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It is strongly suggested that you people start speaking more civilly & drop the name calling, before vacations start getting handed out.

This is not aimed at 1 or 2. There are people in here that so far can't seem to debate ideas or discuss things without calling names.

I've said this a few times now & it really doesn't seem to have gotten through:

I expect civility in here. Period.

I do not have time to babysit a bunch of grown men. Grow the frig up. If you can't get it together this will be taken up with the mods as a whole & dealt with.

Drop the name calling. Forget the oh so cutesy redumlicans & dumbocrats, crap like that. People choose the political parties for reasons & those reasons do not include making you or me happy. You may not agree with their choice but you can show the respect of the fact that it is indeed their choice to make.

Keep it civil or take it elsewhere.

Is a "Paultard" like a "Dumbocrat" or a "Redumblican"? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

I'm not disputing that things ought to be respectful, & I strictly adhere to the "no namecalling" policy, myself, but I noticed that Paultard word in a thread started today.
I'm not mentioning who started the thread.... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
I was discussing people who have in fact been commonly labeled as such. I did not refer to any specific person or even member of this site as such. I think I was pretty clear that I was not referring to all RP supporters. My thread was not intended to simply inflame members, but to discuss a subset of activists in this election, how they've behaved & their possible motives for it.
I think that the distinction needs to be made when an entry is meant as a direct attack on an individual, and in Stu's defense no member was directly named or singled out.
If I had come out & said that anyone who voted for RP was a paultard, that would be derogatory in the manner I wish to avoid.

When someone comes in here & makes a blanket, unqualified referral to a redumlican or a dumbocrat, they are essentially slandering any person affiliated with that particular party. This doesn't do anything to further the discussion of ideas. if you relegate the other side to irrelevance simply due to their party affiliation, or perceived affiliation, then you've made it clear from the start that they have nothing of worth to say. You've closed your mind to the possibility that their point of view can possibly be legitimate or that you can even take any understanding from them. You certainly aren't going to make any ground in getting them to even consider seeing things the way you do. Then all you have left is the ensuing pissing match.

I personally am utterly disgusted with what the democratic party has become. That does not mean that I think every person who is a democrat or tends to vote that way is irrelevant, stupid or whatever adjective you'd like. They have their reasons, though I may not agree with them. A couple of my best friends are dems, though it's clear that they're stabbing themselves in their own backs on many, many issues. Their choice, not mine. We can talk about this stuff without having to insult each other over it or get mad about it.

Likewise, the GOP has turned out to not be a great fit for me & that predates bush. bush is but one person. done some things right, some things wrong, like every prez. but the house & senate have moved far away from their stated values. They have, in many ways, behaved as democrats. Conservatives are adrift now bc the GOP has forgotten what they're about.

All the other parties, well intentioned they may be, are so far politically irrelevant & show little sign of being willing to mature & be real players. So until one or more of them starts to do that, the reality is that we're stuck with the 2 parties in terms of real political power.

I personally used to be a republican. I now have no party affiliation & have not for many years. I do not consider myself a republican. There really isn't a box to fit me in, so make of it what you will.

I'm not a liberal. But I'm not a conservative, either, though a liberal is likely to see me as such.
Apparently some of you do not take my warnings on this seriously.

Look guys, this is starting to feel like I'm refereeing a kiddie playground. Some of you are likely to find your posting priviledges turned off in a bit. Keep this up & I will simply flip the switch & turn off the entire forum. No posting, no reading, go somewhere else.

I am flat sick of grown men who can not or will not act like adults.
Sounds like good times! I am interesting in reading the views of the posters here. I am not sure of what I am these days (as far as party goes), but I am absolutely sure of what I am not!
hey, the members of this forum read the rules and they should know the ramifications of their actions. They are aware of the types of posts that will not be tolerated. They have been warned repeatedly and still post such, take them out of the game for a while. If they want back, they should clean up their acts.
Originally Posted By: TnslimI'm too proud to be a democrat, too poor to be a republican so I settle for just being an American.

HERE HERE! Couldn't have said it better myself.
I think all americans need to realize that the elite control the top of both parties, to keep us bickering and blinded to what is really going on. You can find the truth if you look for it!!!

imho civility is just more political correctness run amuck. While I have the freedom of speech, I am not entitled to a venue on this website or any other. I am free to stand on a box at the corner of my yard and preach to the birds.
Stu Farish! How are ya bud! I have not seen your posts for years! I am the same Bill Davis that posted in the NAHC all those moons ago, though I only post now and then there recently, I have been gone a while since Judy passed away.

How are you, and I am glad to see you still are active in the "process" these days!
Well noted, will keep that in mind. I do not use name calling or labels to argue my points. Thank you for this information.