First bobcat of the year.

Originally Posted By: SoftpointI would call around rocky bluffs and prebait with beaver carcasses if you can. Good luck!

Originally Posted By: DultimatpredatorWhat kind of bait and lure did you use?

Thanks for the reply. Got one on my property the other day! Always go up North in WI or AZ for Bobcats. This was the first one on my property and in the Southern zone to boot. Starting seeing tracks on my property for the first time three to four years ago. I had photos on on trail cameras last year and this year pretty consistent. Put in for a tag and got drawn this year. We have a 24 day trapping period for the first season of which I applied for. Took a little over two weeks but got it done!
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Used some sardines and mixed it with cat nip. Let it sit for a few weeks to ripen. I also sprinkled some cap nip in each set. Used some feline fix and I think the other scent was Timber I used. I’ll look when I get home. I also used Lenon lures Bobcat pee along with some visual attractors. The Lenon Bobcat pee didn’t seem to have much of a urine” smell imo. Got a double pad catch in a duke 650 so there was something it liked in my set apparently. I dug a 2' or so trench at a 45 degree angle and put a dirt hole at the bottom of it. I piled brush and rocks around the sides and the back of the dirt hole to try and lead the cat in. I also put a few sticks around each side of the trap to try and get it to step in the middle. I also laid a stick on the ground in front and the rear of the trap. It snowed pretty heavy the day before I caught it. I scooped out all the snow out of the trench making it look like a fresh dig. The black dirt in the trench stuck out like a sore thumb in the white snow. I'm sure the visual of the fresh looking dig in the dirt is was what drew it in.There is no hair where the trap held both its feet. I’m hopping where ever tans my pelt can sow it together as i I want to tan the hide with the feet on. Already have a full mount, 2 rugs, a tanned pelt, and a mountain man hat so running out of options. It only costs $50 to get the hide tanned and I can still display it. Wondering if I should tube skin it or skin it like a rug to display? There is also a 500 harvest quota set by the WI DNR and was in the low 160’s when I registered it.

Today is the last day of my season here in WI….Christmas Eve. We only get 24 days to trap Bobcat 1st season but can hunt them starting October 15th. Maybe I’ll try and draw for 2nd season next time around. Second season will start tomorrow and run through February I believe. I was hoping one would walk by during archery or gun deer season but it never happened.
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