First for 2023


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I always like to get out New Years Day for a quick coyote hunt and I would once again continue the tradition for 2023.
A calm morning with a temperature of 19* F and horror frost hanging thick on the tree branches made for a good looking start for 2023.
Walked a quarter mile in on my previously packed snowmobile trail which my legs much appreciated.
My view to the west

My view to the north

Sat for only 10 minutes before seeing a pair of coyotes making their way across the field and looked to be headed towards me. No need for the distress call so I tucked it back under my jacket and waited for the lead coyote to close the distance. I’m not sure what spooked the lead coyote but it started trotting at a fast pace and kept looking back behind it. Maybe the second coyote wasn’t actually traveling with the other one. With a couple vocal howls, I managed to get the lead coyote to slow down enough for a shot. A 116 yard shot to the reddish colored coyotes chest, drops it but, it manages to get up and get a few yards into the trees.

Fifteen minutes pass and third coyotes comes along which also is headed my direction, I also see a forth coyote who is a quarter mile away that also looks to be headed my direction. I focus on the first one and as this scruffy looking coyote enters a slough bottom directly north of me, I take a 85 yard shot which drops coyote # 2.
The forth coyote decides to change its intended route and leaves the area.
I walk down to the slough bottom and look at the big snow drifts in the cattails and decide to take a picture on the coyote from that location.

Turns out the snow drifts were hard enough to hold my weight, so I made my way to the center of the slough for a close up picture.

Nice, very nice. Glad you are back at it
Thank you everyone for the comments. I must apologize for the lack of stories over the past while but I haven’t been out since New Year’s Day. Maybe next week
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We are fortunate to have several of you who post great pictures and stories of your hunts. I always love the stories posted here by the members.