First groundhog for 23


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Got the first groundhog of this year for me today. Pesky pig that’s been hanging around the fence line between this field and a small wooded lot. Model 7 Predator in 223.

Thanks Alf. They’re out a little early this year. We had an early warm spell a few week ago where it was in the 70s several days. I saw gobblers strutting in February. Temps have leveled out back to somewhat normal for the time of year. It was mid 40s today and has been dropping. I was surprised to see it out today since it was cooler and kind of breezy.
It is early for sure but these unusually warm temps probably have them thinking about coming out. I do a lot of shoot groundhog shooting but we don't usually see them out until about mid April here.
I've been thinking about doing some scouting myself.
Going to be a late start on 'chucks for me this year. Too much snow still. Soon to be followed by too much mud. Soon as the getting is good though, I'm a gonna get some!