First Teal ever

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I am member of small group who can hunt waterfowl on small area near Hull England UK ( Not EU now thank goodness )
I took our Cocker Spaniel with me and few steel shot No4's may be USA 3's not sure on that.

We sat there and I had flask of coffee to keep warm and saw nothing.
It started to get fairly dark when couple of Teal came in to land on a splash of water just in front of me.
Well up went the Shadow Indy semi auto and spat out some steel but the right hand of the pair flew off! the second shot killed the left one in the air and Skye ( cocker ) darted in the water to retrieve.

It was smaller than I thought not enough for a family meal here!
I dressed it and baked it for about 20 minutes and shared it with my wife not at all bad.
Went to the same spot last night had coffee again but only saw a Marsh Harrier what a nice way to spend a few hours, no ducks no geese.
When you only have one it's time for duck soup. Celery, carrots, chicken stock and wild rice, throw the whole bird in(less the head, feathers and inerds and when falling off the bone peel the meat and skin off so you don't lose a speck, thicken slightly with cornstarch. I batch of warm buttered American butttermilk biscuits/English buttermilk scone.

Dice up the heart, liver and gizzard meat and saute with equal amounts of diced onion in butter, season to taste and serve on buttered toast points

Teal are outstanding on the table.

From the left coast of America

Do you have a larger American Cocker spaniel or the smaller what we call the English cocker. I'm a big fan of the smaller English cocker it is one of the toughest little bird dogs out there. I'm a retired spaniel hunt test judge and just fell in love with the little guys. It really surprises a lot of people on the quality of their water work.
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WE have working cocker she is quite small and very nice natured dog.
Works well and we have training session at least four time per week.
we walk down the edge of the Humber river (comes out of Hull) and she flushes Pheasant, Duck ,woodcock and ducks..
We have stopped now for a few months while the birds are nesting,we call her Skye