For Sale: Finnish Puukko. Traditional Style. Antler/Burl/Brass


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This one came out nice.

This is an unmodified Stainless Finnish Puukko blade, made by Lauri, imported from Finland by a knifemaker in Michigan. (The folks I get lots of my Moose antler from.) Rockwell rated 58-59.

3 5/8" blade, 3/4"deep, 9" Overall.

This straight spined style is the tradition Finn sidearm knife. Many a Russian Cossack lost his blood pressure to this style of blade! (My ancestry is Finnish. I've heard lots of folk tales...)

Built in the traditional style, very clean straight lines. Blacktail Deer antler base, carbon fiber spacer, Brown Mallee Burl, and Brass. Maker's Mark on the hilt.

Enjoy some photos, this is a beauty!







This is one where you just get all happy when you hold it! Came out beautiful.

I need $125 for it.

I'll build a traditional style leather sheath for it tonight, it will go with the knife at no extra charge. (Looks like the sheath on the Rapala Fillet Knife, only much heavier leather.)

Thanks Guys!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grinning-smiley-003.gif
Thanks guys!

This is working art... I bent the tang to match the antler, it goes way in there, to about 1.5" from the antler button. As solid as can be!
Yeah, it is in that the only bevel it has is the one you see there. (A "true" single bevel would be where the blade itself was the only bevel involved. Like a fillet knife.) Strait flat spine, and the bevel follows the edge right up to the point. It has an edge on it, without getting into the bevel, but the design of the Puukko is to be one bevel off the middle of the blade, and sharpened accordingly throughout its life.
That's the perfect knife in my book. Can't go wrong with antler! What a beauty! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif

What size is the blade/overall length?
Thanks! I have a single bevel Scandi edge custom made by Roger Linger that is the sharpest blade I've ever seen. I sharpen it with a 1" square piece of Micarta with either 800 or 1200 grit sanding paper and it is amazing how sharp the blade gets. I top it off on the buffer, steel is S30V.
Lots of tradition from Northern Europe in that little blade. It's a very efficient and wicked little cutter! Lauri makes good steel, I like that it's not just scandi styled, it's FROM there!

The blade is 3 5/8" x 3/4" and overall the knife is 9".

I'll throw in the sheath at the asking price, I'll be making it tonight.
I'm looking forward to seeing for myself what looks so beautiful in the pictures. I plan on using it, so I hope it takes to being carried!

I have one of your moose antler closed reeds that has produced well for me, I often use it to turn luck around after a few dry stands. Hope the knife has a little magic in it as well!