Fox pro customer service????


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What’s up with fox pro? Trying to call them for customer support and they won’t answer plus I’ve emailed them and they haven’t gotten back to me??? Anyhow I’m Having issues and need to send in a call that’s having connection issues so it keeps turning off mid set. and also the AUX cord won’t keep a cord in for a decoy I bought from them so it won’t work if it can’t stay connected… Total crap…..
Your experience is uncommon based on what I've seen reported here. I say keep trying and give them a couple days. They didn't get their customer service reputation by ignoring issues for long, so I suspect you'll hear something soon.
Thanks for the advice. Just frustrating sometimes because I’ve seen posts on how fox pros customer service is excellent! Hopefully the issues get resolved and sent in.
in the mean time, try different batteries or a set that are known to be good. what you describe is most times due to battery issues.

and i know that doesn't help your decoy plug issues.
Yeah I’ve swapped batteries and even just sitting at home at night the light will flash like it’s a connection issue internally and the call will quit. Once foxpro gets ahold of me I’ll send it in and I’m sure they’ll square it away. In the mean time I’m running a buddies hammerjack and it’s running great so it’s all good
Just sent in a unit. Had great response on emails and on the call. Call was back within 10 calendar days fixed. BTW, the unit is 14 years old and no charge...
Finally got a hold of them. Great customer service and when I explained what was going on they agreed it may be an internal type problem with connection. As for the aux cord deal I’m sure that’ll be fixed as well. Said I should
Have the call back soon like the other gentleman just said he had a call sent in. All
In all situation resolved and fox pro still will always have my business. Thanks for the help and support guys!
I recently purchased some new AA rechargable batteries for my Foxpro. They weren't working right, so I emailed them and had a reply the next morning with some tips on trouble shooting the problem. My second email was also answered quickly and they're sending me out a new battery kit at no charge. A+
I just ordered a part for my fp caller. Omg [beeep]. I gave them my new address and sent it to my old one. Then they resent it and sent me the wrong stuff. I’m not sure what’s going on with them but they get 👎👎 from me.

Seems all cs people are no good lately. I’ve had major issues with sight mark and leupold. The other day I went McDonald’s and the stupid kid didn’t know what four Quarters and four dimes add up to. He ask me if I could tell him lol. It didn’t go well.

I’m in the cs field and man these people make the good ones look good.
They have been amazingly great this winter for me! Had trouble getting new sounds on 2 callers, they spent over an hour on the phone getting 2 callers set up perfect!