Originally Posted By: nyttrain5150I use a lil Skyote as a coaxer. I can't remember the reed ever locking up.

If the call works for you as a coaxer, I'd say just keep on blowing it the way you do. That's the whole idea; finding a call that works for you.
To All,

The Lil Skyote uses the same tone board as the original Skyote. The only difference is the reed material. To get a higher pitched sound out of it, we used a thinner reed out of mylar. If you blow wide open on it, you can get it to lock up. But, I never use a coaxer call wide open.
With that being said, we are coming out with an all new lineup of hand calls. These hand calls will all have brand new tone boards. The replacement for the Lil Skyote will be called the 4K9 Pup. It will have a narrower air chamber in the tone board, which will create more back pressure and virtually eliminates the lock up. They all sound awesome! We also have a new howler coming out.


Mike Dillon
Well I just got around to getting one of these skyotes and all can say is, WOW!

Sounds great and super easy to achieve all three sounds.